Alpine will launch 7 electric cars by 2030

Alpine, the Renault Group sports brand, has today revealed the first details of its new strategic plan, which includes the launch of seven fully electric models and its expansion to key markets such as the United States. Its goal is to achieve an operating margin of more than 10% by the end of the decade.

Looking ahead to the year 2026, Alpine will discontinue the current thermal A110, at which time its range will become exclusively electric. In addition, the Norman firm has set itself the goal of achieving carbon-neutral production by 2030.

“Alpine is the brand for high-tech and motorsport enthusiasts. Excellence is their focus. Just two years ago, Alpine was at a dead end, with no clear prospects. Since then, it has become a full-fledged car manufacturer, bringing together outstanding assets: a first-class engineering center […] and an expanding distribution network”, explains Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group.

Alpine’s first electric car will be the A290, a B-segment hot hatch derived from the Renault R5. Scheduled for 2024, this model will be based on the CMF-B EV platform. A C-segment GT crossover will arrive in 2025, while the third generation of the A110 will be launched at the end of 2026.

Alpine has partnered with RedBird and AutoNation for its US expansion

The company has taken the opportunity to confirm that it will develop a platform for electric sports cars called APP (Alpine Performance Platform), which will not only support the renewed A110 but also its roadster version and the new A310, a four-seater sports coupe that it will take up the name of its flagship model in the 70s. After that will be added two separately crossovers framed in segments D and E.

In parallel, the company is working on a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine, a technology that, if successful, will be offered as an alternative to 100% electric propulsion systems in some of its vehicles.

Alpine A110
Alpine A110

“This wide range of sports cars will consolidate our participation in key markets such as Europe and Japan. It will drive our international growth, particularly in the US and Asia, where our new models will go on sale in 2027. Our goal is to expand from a niche brand to a full-fledged global brand,” says Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine.

The APP platform will be defined by software and will benefit from the technological developments of Ampere, the electrical division of the Renault Group. On the other hand, Alpine will partner with Google to offer next-generation connectivity services. The batteries for its high-performance electric cars will be supplied by Verkor, which will manufacture them in Dunkirk, France.

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