BMW X7 2022: First Details & Render

The largest SUV of the German brand is preparing to introduce a series of changes at the aesthetic and mechanical level.

It arrived in 2018, but it has already positioned itself as one of the references in its segment in the different markets it is aimed at, especially in the United States. We are talking about the BMW X7, a luxurious large three-row SUV that is already preparing to receive a mid-business cycle renewal, as shown in the images that our spies stationed on the public roads of Munich show. , Germany.


This move by BMW may surprise many given that in Spain it only has one clear competitor, the Mercedes GLS, so it would not be necessary to rush to prepare for its renovation, but the real competition comes from many North American brands and some Japanese such as Lexus, which is already working on a three-row SUV like the X7. Although little is known at this time, BMW’s largest SUV should have its updates ready by 2022.

BMW X7 2022

The changes in the controversial front are somewhat visible because, although the characteristic front kidney grill is approximately the same size and shape, everything else has changed. The new light clusters will have a different design and will be placed much lower than the current ones in addition to not coming into contact with the hood. BMW could be working on a similar two-tier setup similar to the latest products released by Kia or Nissan.

At the rear, we can hardly find differences, even though BMW camouflaged much of the bodywork. Our spies suggest that either this is just a basic test mule, or simply the brand has no intention of modifying the rear of the large SUV. We are inclined towards the latter since everything indicates that the German firm will introduce changes in the bumper and the gate, as well as in the light signature of the pilots. The latter could coincide with those of the 7 Series or even with the i7, the electric saloon that is already underway.

BMW X7 2022

BMW X7 2022 Engine

About the range of powertrains, BMW plans to introduce some other modifications so that the available options will be different from those initially offered with the launch of the vehicle. The M50d will be one of the mechanics that is definitively dismissed and in its place would arrive a plug-in hybrid version M45e. Also, it seems unlikely that we will find a turbocharged 12-cylinder block in Vee, which would bring the M60i to life, as the top of the range will continue to be the M50i, with its 4.4-liter Biturbo V8 and 530 horsepower.

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