Citroen C5 2021: The Return Of The Premium Sedan

Citroen C5 2021 will be with us again with legendary recycling. After the first stage of renewal which saw the successful arrival of the C3, C3 Aircross, and C5 Aircross on the market, Citroen is recovering and moving to a new stage of its renewal with the marketing of the new C4 which, saw, seems to have a good start. This second stage in the brand’s recovery will materialize with the future C5, or C6, which will install, even more, Citroen’s new stature, namely daring, style and comfort.

This new great Citroen will be presented in a world premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2021, we will certainly know more a little before that date. Presented in China, the future C5 will be assembled there from June before going on sale from the start of September. In Europe, the future C5 should be presented in June for marketing at the end of the year, following the classic pattern at Citroen for a few years now. 

Thanks to our exclusive illustrations, we invite you to discover this new large Citroen sedan which will replace the C5 but also the C6 in China, Citroen’s best-selling sedan on this market, which is to say the importance of marketing from that known under the code name E43. 

Bold style

With the new C4, Citroen has shown a notable evolution in its design to give more character and dynamism to its cars, which have often been criticized for their toy appearance. From now on, the lines will be tighter even if some gimmicks remain such as the absence of an edge line. We will find on this future C5 the same themes dear to the current Citroen design, namely a high and flat bonnet, a mix between SUV and Sedan even if this future C5 will be more sedan-oriented than the C4 and large wheels with, potentially, rims of 20 inches. The C5 will offer a different look, in line with what the C4 offers in compact cars, Citroën again dares to do it differently. 

Citroen C5 2021
Citroen C5 2021

This future C5 will also be very inspired by the CXperience concept even if it will not be a copy-paste of the concept already 5 years old when the C5 is marketed. While this future large sedan will not be the production version of CXperience, there should be certain features, certain similarities, so that there is a real relationship between the two.

The queen of comfort

Citroen asserts its boldness and claims comfort as a highlight and the C5 should offer a rare level of comfort. Thus, it will combine, like almost all the future range, the Advanced Comfort seats and the suspensions with double hydraulic stops to offer the best comfort in its segment, but it is in the rear seat that the C5 will surprise the most. Introduced by the 19_19 concept, it seems that the rear seat of the future C5 is the promise of unprecedented comfort in this segment. The rear seat would thus be particularly generous and soft with, it seems, a design that is more like a sofa than a car.

Citroen C5 2021 technologies

The future C5 will be placed at the top of the Citroen range and, as a result, will have to adopt the most advanced technologies. To this end, the future Citroen C5 2021 will adopt the very latest evolution of the EMP2 platform, called EMP2v3, which the future DS 4 will inaugurate. This very latest evolution of the EMP2 platform should thus allow the future C5 to have the very latest technologies. of Groupe PSA. 

Thus, the future C5 will adopt the latest electrical architecture from the PSA Group, which will allow a leap forward in terms of technology. Also, the future C5 should adopt the technologies of the future DS 4 which will put it, largely, at the level of the competition. 

Citroen C5 2021
Citroen C5 2021

This new electrical architecture will make it possible to deploy the brand new infotainment system whose interface will be similar to that of smartphones. This new interface should therefore have a tactile, fluid, and responsive interface, based on the concept of profiles and be fully customizable thanks to the adoption of a widget that will allow each driver to adjust the content to his needs. The settings and display preferences will automatically load when the user enters the vehicle. This new infotainment system should be coupled with a voice search that will use natural language. Just say “Hello Citroen” for this real voice assistant to execute your request. This device that the brand presented on the 19_19 concept will see, with the future C5, 

The driving position would also include an evolution of the head-up vision which, like the DS4, could be projected onto the windshield at a distance of 4 meters to accompany the driver’s gaze on a 21-inch diagonal. The Citroen C5 should also provide the night vision which already equips part of the Peugeot and DS range and which will make its entry into the Citroen range. 

In terms of driving aids, the new C5 should also show many new features within the Citroen range. Thus, the brand’s large sedan should be equipped with Citroen’s Highway Driver Assist, i.e. level 2 autonomous driving, but in an advanced version where it will be possible to precisely position the car in the lane of the driver’s choice with new features such as semi-automatic overtaking, speed adaptation in bends and advance recommendation of the speed of traffic signs. 

Unlike the DS 4, the future C5 should ignore matrix led technology to focus on classic Full Led but amply sufficient.

Suspensions worthy of the Citroens of yesteryear

It is in terms of suspensions that Citroen will hit hard with its future large sedan which should be the queen in this area. Without taking up hydraulic technology, Citroen will equip its future large sedan with advanced suspensions that will allow you to find everything that the Citroen’s of yesteryear offered. To the double progressive hydraulic stops well known now, Citroen will go further by adding cameras that will indicate to the suspensions which settings adopted to offer the best level of comfort. This technology already exists within the PSA Group and was present on the 19_19 concept, it would be very easily adaptable in series and everything suggests that the future C5 benefits from this evolution of the suspension. But Citroen could go even further….

Indeed, some sources report work on the suspensions with double hydraulic stops, and only on these suspensions, which would incorporate two systems well known hydraulic Citroens. The first consists of proposing a device that makes it possible to compensate the load and thus offer a constant attitude for the car. This will no longer sag under the weight of the passengers and will return to its normal position, guaranteeing better road holding and optimal comfort. This device which equips the Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer is, it seems, easy to adapt to the suspensions with double hydraulic stops, and what better than a large Citroenn sedan to reconnect with what was part of the charm of the Citroen d ‘ yesteryear?

The second device would be an anti-roll system allowing the car to turn flat as the Xantia Activa did. Citroen had also presented it on the 19_19 concept where the cabin was detached from contact with the ground to give a real impression of a flying carpet.

Citroen C5 2021 Engines

The future C5 would ignore diesel and manual gearboxes to offer only gasoline in automatic gearboxes. Thus only three engines will be offered, namely two gasoline engines of 130 and 180 horsepower to which will be added a hybrid drive of 225 horsepower, the same as for the C5 Aircross. Will Citroen go further in terms of power? What is certain is that the engine offered will evolve to offer more hybridization with future technical advances from PSA. 

In conclusion, a daring style, comfort at the top, advanced technologies, and a suspension worthy of hydraulics. Citroen is not lying when it claims to be fully back in the large sedan segment. With this future C5 or C6, Citroen is giving itself the means to offer a car that does not have to be ashamed of the competition. By being shifted in its segment, the future large sedan is in line with the heritage of the brand particularly strong in this segment after the DS, CX, XM, and C6.

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