Dacia Logan MCV 2022: SpyShot & Details

Now SpyShot of the new Dacia Logan MCV have finally appeared, because the station wagon has not been built since October 2020 and is already missing from its fans. Now it is getting a new edition, which should have changed significantly because Lada is now involved in Dacia. We have pictures and information for you.

The current model of the Dacia Logan has been built since 2012, with a refresh in 2016. It is time for the third generation to do their laps here on test drives. The station wagon is still heavily glued, but you can still see that the Logan 3.0 will no longer be the same.

Dacia Logan MCV 2022 Prices

The new Dacia Logan is expected to hit the market in late 2021 or early 2022.

The new generation will probably not be as cheap as the previous model, but we will have to wait a bit for the manufacturer’s price information. However, we assume that Dacia will continue to offer the Logan as an entry-level version for just under 10,000 euros. A few thousand euros more should then be possible for the Stepway version.

Dacia Logan MCV 2022


The engines should be three-cylinder, two gasoline engines with 65 and 90 hp, as well as a 100 hp LPG version, seem possible. Manual transmission is the standard, but there could also be an automatic for the 90 hp version.

Technical data and exterior design

It is not yet clear which platform will be used as the basis for the new Logan generation. The current version was built on an outdated platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which has been around since 2002. However, Renault plans to build 80 percent of its group models on the new modular CMF platform by 2022, on which the new Renault Clio is also based. We’ll have to wait and see whether this platform will also be available in a cheaper version for the Dacia models and especially for the Logan.

Dacia Logan MCV 2022

But some signs speak for it: The Logan sedan, which will be presented in autumn 2020 but not offered by us, is based on a slimmed-down version of the CMF platform. This would make the Logan a few centimeters longer than its predecessor, which should result in a larger trunk.

Dacia Logan MCV 2022

The pictures could show the robust and at least partially off-road capable Logan Stepway. The camouflage is still very strong, but you can see a recess on the grill, which is also available on the new Sandero Stepway. There will also be changes at the rear, which will probably also apply to the normal Logan model. The taillights protrude to the sides of the rear window, which is an innovation.

Dacia Logan MCV 2022 Interior

The interior of the new Logan and the Stepway version has not yet been photographed. It should be clear, however, that Dacia remains true to its concept and designed the interior very spartan. The entry-level version should therefore only contain the bare essentials, with higher equipment some comfort elements from the Duster could also be used in the Logan.

If you assume that the elements from the Logan limousine will also be used for the interior, we can look forward to a more high-quality interior. An information display of up to 8 inches could be installed.

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