Ferrari Purosangue to be unveiled in September

The  Ferrari Purosangue will be the direct answer to models like the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX. And although with it the Italian brand could boost its sales significantly, the truth is that they want it to remain exclusive. As exclusive as the rest of its range, in such a way that they are going to limit their production to 20% of the total volume of products. And before he arrives, here’s a recreation of what his final design will look like.

This new model, the  Ferrari Purosangue, will be presented next September and we already have a good amount of information about it. The latest renders are based on production units that have been seen in spy photos in recent days in Italy. So we already know that it will have clear influences from Roma in its design, with a low-height body despite being an SUV. It will not be as tall and muscular as a Lamborghini Urus, but it will be by far the most practical Ferrari in the catalog. Something more like a crossover.

What we know about the Ferrari Purosangue and what its design will be like

Recently, Ferrari has already officially confirmed that the Ferrari Purosangue has a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Among its competitors, a relatively similar model is the Bentley Bentayga, also with twelve cylinders, but in a W12 biturbo configuration. Furthermore, a relevant point in the Purosangue is that its new platform is designed to allow plug-in hybrid mechanics. In other words, it is almost certain that later we will see plug-in hybrid engines, although based on a  smaller thermal engine than this naturally aspirated V12.

The Ferrari Purosangue will feature a  four-wheel drive system and a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Its cabin is designed for four passengers and, although it is part of the same group, it shares absolutely nothing with the Maserati Levante. Despite this, the first test mules that Ferrari used for its development did indeed have the bodywork of the Maserati model. But that was nothing more than a development strategy to keep their progress secret.

Ferrari Purosangue

Bennedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, has already advanced that it is  “a true sports car, unlike any other”, and has assured that it has 100% Ferrari DNA. All this will have to be seen when it is finally presented and available, but the manager wants us to be clear that the Ferrari Purosangue has everything it needs  “to meet and exceed expectations in terms of performance, innovation, and design.”

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