Fiat Punto 2022: First Details & New Render

That there are hopes and possibilities of a future return of the Fiat Punto now appears almost certain. The return of the Fiat Punto has also been repeatedly confirmed by Olivier Francois who recently also admitted that a model like the Punto was a decidedly important product in the Fiat range . The definition provided by Francois himself was that of a car that will return with a desire: that of not being a “traditional” creation.

Perhaps thanks to the suggestion of Oliver Francois, the imagination that could lead to the design of the new Fiat Punto has touched other boundaries, generating an interesting wave of proposals from various parts . In any case, the new Fiat Punto should not arrive before the next two years, in this sense the merger between FCA and PSA could really help for a concrete exchange of platforms that could be useful precisely for the start of work in the Punto perspective.

Fiat Punto 2022

New Fiat Punto 2022: A project to break with the past

The idea we see here is a realization of Krzysztof Matysek who on his profile Behance has provided an interesting style proposal. In fact, Matysek’s idea goes beyond what are the classic canons that we have seen so far applied to the future design of the Punto, by the same designer the proposal is defined as Fiat Punto SUV .

In fact, the exterior design reflects the typical aesthetic standards of crossovers (starting with the protections for the front and rear underbody), although some bold lines, especially in terms of roof inclination, give the Punto a sporty appearance. The use of the striped logo, typical of the Nineties, which is missing one of the vertical lines, is a bit risky. From the front point of view, the headlights appear thin and prolonged towards the wheel arches while the same front section recalls the design seen on the Concept Centoventi. Overall, the lines appear muscular .

Fiat Punto 2022

Then the rear lights with vertical arrangement are inevitable, while the rear-view mirrors are replaced by two cameras. Inside, the design leaves room for modernity with minimal elements and large screens for the multimedia system, for the dashboard and for the systems with cameras that replace the two rear-view mirrors.

A smaller screen also manages the automatic climate controls, while the transmission is imagined automatic. Certainly the bold design of Matysek represents an interesting study, which we will hardly see on the production variant of the future Fiat Punto. The CMP platform could reserve us some nice surprises, obviously the full electric versions cannot be missing.

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