Ford Maverick 2022: Spy Shot on Test Drive

Ford is bringing a small pick-up truck to the US market as the 2022 model. The Ford Maverick was caught by our photographer in the USA and is shown for the first time with the series body under the light camouflage.

On the beefy front, the C-shaped headlights can be seen similar to the F-150. The grill is divided by a still camouflaged clasp that picks up the Ford logo. As with the big brother F-150, various grill shapes should also be on view depending on the equipment and engine.

The side view of the slightly flared wheel arches can be seen as well as the classic bow handles on the four doors, and the lights at the rear are undisguised. The new Ford Maverick comes on the market exclusively as a super crew four-door, i.e. with a large passenger cabin that has a fully-fledged rear bench seat and conventionally hinged doors.

On the C2 platform

Ford Maverick 2022 Spy Shot

The self-supporting body is based on Ford’s C2 platform, which was developed for compact models. The Ford Escape (known in this country as the Ford Kuga) or the Ford Bronco Sport are based on it. Together with the latter, the Maverick rolls off the assembly line at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico.

The platform is designed for front-wheel and all-wheel drive and offers a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo with 180 hp and 240 Nm torque for the entry-level model. In the top model, a charged two-liter four-cylinder with 250 hp works, which presses around 370 Nm on the crankshaft. All units are interlocked with an eight-speed automatic.

In addition to a pure suction motor, there will also be a hybrid drive later. This is where the Maverick orients itself in the Escape with the 2.5-liter Duratec four-cylinder and 190 hp. Also, a PHEV version – but only with front-wheel drive is conceivable for the Maverick. Both hybrid drive trains send their power to the drive axles via a CVT transmission. Incidentally, while the all-wheel-drive models have independent suspension, the front-wheel-drive models are equipped with a cheaper torsion-beam rear axle. In the top version, 17-inch “Falken Wildpeak” all-terrain tires, such as those available for the Bronco Sport Badlands, maintain contact with the road.

Ford Maverick 2022 Spy Shot

Ford Maverick 2022 starts at $ 20,000

The Ford Maverick with its 12.3-inch digital display is more of a lift-style model than a work device and is located at the lower end of the truck portfolio with the F-150 and Ranger. To maintain the distance to the Ranger in terms of price, it should start at around 20,000 US dollars (around 16,800 euros). The ranger costs about $ 4,000 more. As a competitor, the pick-up has the Hyundai Santa Cruz in its sights, which will also be launched as a 2022 model.

Ford Maverick 2022 Spy Shot

By the way: Ford has already used the name Maverick twice in its model history: On the US market, a compact model built from 1969 to 1977 was called that, and in Europe, the Americans offered an SUV of the same name from 1993 to 2007.

Ford is expanding its pick-up truck product portfolio downwards. The Maverick is positioned under the Ranger and the US bestseller F-150 and is intended to pick up customers as a lifestyle pick-up. Work assignments are more likely not his thing. With the hybrid drives, the Maverick will then be a good competitor for the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which will be launched in 2022 without an electrified drivetrain.

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