Honda HRV 2022: Prices & Technical Data

The Honda HRV 2022 has been on the market for seven years now, so it’s time for a new generation. The new model was presented on February 18th. We have the pictures of the new HR-V and all the information for you.

The premiere of the new Honda HRV 2022 is over and the biggest innovation is certainly the introduction of the e: HEV hybrid drive. Also, the compact SUV should score with an appealing and clear design and want to provide even more space and comfort.

Are you interested in crossover models with hybrid drives? Then we have a couple of alternative models for you to choose from until the new HR-V is in the dealerships.


The world premiere of the 2022 Honda HRV e: HEV took place on February 18, 2021. The HR-V should then be launched in Europe at the end of 2021. Which price Honda is calling is not yet known.

Engines and driving behavior

The biggest innovation in the upcoming HR-V is likely to be the new hybrid technology e: HEV, which was first used on the Honda Jazz and now also for the HR-V. It is a hybrid system that uses variable valve timing and, depending on the charge level, to keep the engine’s inlet valve open longer so that part of the mixture can be expelled during compression. This means that less mixture is required for combustion, which should make the HR-V more economical and reduce emissions. The principle is called the Atkinson principle.

The HR-V is to be powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an output of 131 hp and an electric motor that delivers an additional 108 hp. A total system output of 153 hp would therefore be conceivable. Honda has not yet made a final statement on the engines.

2022 Honda HRV Exterior design

The new 2022 Honda HRV e: HEV is characterized by a clear design and slimline that is reminiscent of an SUV coupé. The HR-V looks noble and yet present and robust. Honda has adopted the exterior design to the modern design philosophy, which is also expressed in the new models of the CR-V and the Jazz.

The integrated grill, the long bonnet, and the distinctive flanks are the distinguishing features of the new HRV. The bonnet sits low, the shoulder lines give the HR-V a powerful and stable appearance. Overall, the SUV character is to be underlined, which Honda has done quite well so far.

2022 Honda HRV Interior

With the new generation of the HR-V, there are not only major changes on the outside, but also the inside. Thanks to the good integration of the hybrid drive, there is very good space inside – this is not always the case. Four adults can easily and comfortably ride in the HR-V and also survive long distances. The interior is also lined with modern and high-quality materials, which also gives a spacious impression.

Overall, attention was paid to a modern aesthetic, which is primarily created by the very clear instrument panel that fits horizontally into the dashboard. The ventilation system has also been renewed and can now spray fresh air from special L-shaped nozzles next to and above the passengers. The popular Magic Seats are also available again, which is possible because the fuel tank was placed in the center and the entire drive technology was very compact. The rear seats can be folded down and folded up, depending on how much additional cargo space is required.

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