Hyundai IONIQ 7: 7-seater electric SUV arriving in 2024

Hyundai has two more electric models planned and confirmed for the first half of the decade. The IONIQ 5 will be joined by the IONIQ 6 in 2022 and the IONIQ 7 in 2024. A zero-emission SUV that will be positioned as an alternative to the Santa Fe and with a level of space compared to the Palisade sold in the United States, a model that we anticipate you in this recreation.

Almost a year ago, Hyundai launched its new brand for next-generation electric cars, announcing a teaser with the first three models planned for the first half of the decade. The first, the IONIQ 5 is already on sale in Europe, the second -IONIQ 6- will land in 2022 and the third will be delayed a little more. The IONIQ 7 will debut on the market in 2024.

The latter is an SUV that will be positioned in segment D, at the height of the Santa Fe, but with the interior space of the Palisade that is sold in the United States. A model with which they intend to conquer large families who enjoy long trips. The future IONIQ 7 will present its own and avant-garde personality, and that we anticipate you in this recreation. It will inherit the shell-shaped front bonnet and a completely flat and vertical front with a thin band of LED light from one end to the other.

The IONIQ 7, a high-end electric SUV for sale in 2024

In addition, the different functions of the main headlights will also adopt this technology, which is located at the ends of a completely closed grill, which will illuminate by selectively turning the diodes on and off. The South Korean manufacturer will present a new concept car in 2022 advancing the design of the rear, the area that remains to be known, although a few headlights are expected crossing the gate. The same concept will also give us a preview of the interior design, which will be different from its younger siblings.

What we do know is that interior modularity will be one of the keys to the IONIQ 7, which will have three rows of seats distributed in 6 and 7 seats, so the first option will allow the interior configuration to be varied in different ways. In addition, the electric SUV will be the brand’s first model with level 3 autonomous driving functions, with a highway assistant that will allow the driver to delegate driving at certain times.

Hyundai IONIQ 7

Mechanically, it will be one of the biggest developments on the e-GMP platform created especially for the electric cars of the Hyundai group, having a range in which only all-wheel drive versions with two electric motors will fit. The firm will regulate the power for a fork between 173 and 230 kW, between 235 and 313 hp, although it is expected to approach 400 hp. The IONIQ 7 will debut a new generation of lithium-ion batteries, with a net capacity of 100 kWh, so the autonomy will reach 500 kilometers. It will be rechargeable with 800 Volts in less than 15 minutes.

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