Toyota will unveil the highly anticipated electric Land Cruiser this month

A few hours ago, Toyota published the first official images of its vision of what the next Land Cruiser will be like. A model that inaugurates a new design language and will be presented in its prototype on October 25 during the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to the first information, we are looking at an F-segment SUV that will have a body 5.15 meters long and a wheelbase of 3,050 mm. Something that will allow it to accommodate up to seven passengers, and have a huge cargo area in the trunk.

But without a doubt what draws the most attention is a design where there is no place for a grill, not even a fake one, adopting an extremely futuristic and very clean appearance.

A work that extends to a rounded and also very attractive rear part, which highlights the use of elements such as handles integrated into the body, and camera mirrors, which in addition to improving aerodynamics, achieve a set that seems ready to reach production with hardly any changes.

electric Land Cruiser

According to Toyota’s chief engineer, Keita Moritsu, they are considering launching different configurations for the new Land Cruiser, both electric, hybrid, and hydrogen-powered, as well as a recreational pickup truck.

At the moment there are no technical details or arrival dates for this new generation that leaves behind the rough appearance of the Land Cruiser, to adopt a more refined design and more Rang Rover than ever.

electric Land Cruiser

A model that may be a clear favorite to debut the new generations of Toyota batteries, which as we remember will launch in 2026 a pack capable of offering up to 500 miles of range, while at the end of the decade, solid electrolyte technology will arrive.

This should begin production in 2028, offering a range of 620 miles, and can be charged from 10% to 80% using fast charging in 10 minutes, which seems to fit perfectly with the approach of this new Land Cruiser in its electric version.

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