Lexus LFA successor will be called Lexus LFR

It is clear that the Lexus LFA left no one indifferent, the sound of its V10 is among the most beautiful in history. The Lexus Electrified Sports, as we have known it until now, will be a high-performance electric vehicle in which the brand will give everything as it did with the LFA. We now know that its successor will be called the Lexus LFR.

Thanks to trademark registrations with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), CarBuzz discovered that the new sports car will be officially called the Lexus LFR. Once the definitive name of the sports car is known, we hope to be able to resolve more and more doubts about the future Lexus halo car in the coming months.

Last year, after the presentation of the Lexus concept, it was confirmed that it would inherit the philosophy of the Lexus LFA. The most consistent trend says that it will be a 100% electric sports car, and I say this because, in theory, it will come out by 2030. The other comes in the form of rumors from Japan, and bets that there will be two variants, the electric one and a hybrid that will equip a V8 Biturbo of 4 liters.

The quick releases on the hood of the concept are a statement of intent

That V8 variant, it was rumored, would power the Lexus LC F with the help of a hybrid system and would have more than 700 hp. This propellant would derive from the world of competition, and together with hybridization, it could achieve heart-stopping performance together with the analog experience of the combustion engine. The brand knows hybridization technology very well, so they could get a great hybrid with which to face their rivals.

But let’s not get our hopes up ahead of time, if the car comes out in 2030 the chances of it coming out with this propulsion are low, so for now we will rely on a very high-performance electric Lexus LFR that will stand up to the supercars of the moment. In any case, the figures given for the Electrified Sport were a range of 700 km and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of around 2 seconds.

Lexus Electrified Sports

Another rumor points to the existence of a virtual three-pedal gearbox. This would be in charge of simulating gear changes to deliver a more analog experience, presenting jumps between non-existent gears. Along with this rumor was the possibility that it shared a platform with the Lexus LC Coupé, the so-called Toyota TNGA-L.

The possibility of it being a hybrid excites fans of combustion engines

From the appearance of the concept, we can be sure that it will have very high performance, although it opts for a longer nose than its predecessor, it may be to balance weights between both axles. The bodywork approach tends more to a GT, maintaining the aesthetic identity of the LFA, we hope it will keep it in its production run. What we can be sure of is that Lexus is going to put all the meat on the grill with the Lexus LFR.

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