Lexus presents an large electric SUV with futuristic design

Lexus has accustomed us to the most luxurious and stylish Japanese design. Its electric stage has begun discreetly, but in the future, we will have outstanding models like the LF-ZL. Lexus is synonymous with elegance, quality, and class. The premium brand of the Toyota conglomerate has been standing out for years for the sobriety of its cars and some exceptional creations such as the LFA. However, the company is in the process of change. The arrival of electric mobility has changed the future strategy. Lexus will become a 100% electric brand worldwide from 2035 and many of its launches are already focused on that zero-emissions horizon. The last of them presents a fairly forceful format, the Lexus LF-ZL. It has just been presented in Tokyo.

The international fair, now renamed the Tokyo Mobility Show, has opened its doors to showcase the future work of brands, mainly local ones. Mazda, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, among others, want to demonstrate that the Japanese industry has not been left behind in terms of electrification, although last year’s total sales of electric cars barely represented 1.5% of the total market share. Many voices have criticized the Japanese vision of electrification, but that is changing.

The Lexus LF-ZL could become the largest electric model in the house

Lexus LF-ZL

Lexus/Toyota have focused much on this criticism, but they want to make it clear that the future will be promising in terms of EV offerings. The LF-ZL previews one of those models that we will see in the coming years, a very large one. At 5.3 meters long, 2.02 meters wide, and 1.7 meters high, its proportions cannot be said to be particularly discreet. If it were to hit the market right now, it would immediately become the company’s largest car in Europe, even above the Lexus LM, the company’s new hybrid minivan. At the moment, it has not been confirmed when it could hit the market, although it is assumed that it will be launched before the end of this decade.

Lexus LF-ZL

There is one last figure to contribute, the distance between axles; 3.35 meters. That’s a lot of battle. As can be seen in the images, Lexus has designed the LF-ZL, an acronym whose meaning has not been revealed, to be a rolling electric living room. The front doors open in a normal format, but the rear doors show a longitudinal opening where the absence of the B-pillar is also worth highlighting, something that facilitates both access to and exit from the vehicle. All of this is adorned by the best materials and qualities that Omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, takes to a new level.

Lexus LF-ZL

Although Lexus has avoided providing any data or technical details, nothing about battery, range, or performance, it has only communicated the V2X technology, it has been generous in information about the onboard technology. The presentation could not be more spectacular. Multiple screens adorn the front, from a deep digital cluster to small displays next to the steering wheel. However, all attention is focused on the double dashboard panel operated under the latest Lexus operating system, called Arene. The equipment is so advanced that it can predict user needs and display the details on the panel, in addition to transmitting them by voice.

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