Lexus will launch its first electric sedan in 2026

Its name is Lexus LF-ZC and it is the long-awaited electric sedan from the Japanese firm. It debuts a new design language and will hit the market in 2026 to stand up to today’s most popular electric models.

During the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, the conglomerate formed by Toyota and Lexus showed a large number of zero-emission models that will hit the market in the coming years. One of them has been the Lexus LF-ZC, a 100% electric sedan that will stand up to the Tesla Model 3 or the BMW i4, among others.

In recent months there have been many rumors about the arrival and presentation of this model. Just a few days ago, the first clues arrived about a future all-electric Lexus IS. This could be a preview of what will hit the market in the coming years.

Lexus’ first electric sedan

As the good conceptual model that it is, the Lexus LF-ZC takes its lines and appendages to limits unimaginable in a mass-production version. However, it does give the first clues of what will arrive in 2026. On the front, its exaggerated shapes stand out, with headlights attached to these appendages and an emblem of the firm located on the hood which is backlit. At the end, you can see particular ventilation inlets.

The profile is dominated by large aerodynamically designed wheels, as is the general line of the vehicle. Thanks to this, the Lexus LF-ZC has an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.2. At the same time, its center of gravity is significantly low, which will provide very careful dynamics and even a very sporty character. The C-pillar, for its part, is made up of linear elements and rear optical groups that intrude into the profile itself. The drop of the roof is significantly pronounced, thus giving the sensation of a coupe-type sedan.

Lexus LF-ZC

The rear, as we have already mentioned, has linear optical groups in the upper area and others at the ends of the car. The upper area is made up of a light that crosses the entire width of the model, while the lower area is vertical in design. In addition, it also shows exaggerated lines and very straight appendages.

Lexus has taken the cabin to an even more exaggerated design. The steering wheel is rectangular, very similar to the ‘yoke’ type used until now in the Lexus RZ. Behind it, there is a screen that functions as digital instrumentation, while the rest of the dashboard has support for the smartphone, as well as a panoramic panel in front of the co-pilot. This will serve as the information and entertainment screen.

In the rest of the sections, this conceptual vehicle is capable of transporting up to four passengers and has LED lighting distributed practically throughout the cabin. Most panels have been made with sustainable natural materials. In addition, the Lexus LF-ZC presents driving assistance functions of all kinds, as well as a first step towards autonomous driving, although the brand has not given more details in this regard.

Lexus LF-ZC interior

Mechanically, Lexus has not specified data about the LF-ZC, other than that it is a fully electric vehicle and that it will have a high-performance battery pack with great range. In addition to this, other sections will be substantial to guarantee the range of the vehicle, such as maintaining low weight or optimized aerodynamics.

As we have already mentioned, the Lexus LF-ZC will inspire the lines of a new electric sedan that will reach the brand’s ranks in 2026. Its main rivals will be the BMW i4 and the Tesla Model 3, as well as being able to stand up to the Mercedes EQE, although it is one step above the two previously mentioned models.

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