Mercedes E-Class 2023: Spotted on Test Drive

After a facelift last year, Mercedes is preparing the new E-Class, which will be more sophisticated than ever. The family of Mercedes sedans has been thoroughly renewed this year with the C-Class and S-Class, which come with a more modern look than ever both inside and out. In this wave of renovations, therefore, only the Mercedes E-Class remains, which, although it received a final restyling last year, is already preparing a new generation to truly catch up with its other brothers.

A new E-Class that our spies have already hunted on the roads with a still camouflaged prototype, as you can see in the video and images that accompany the article. As usual, it is a completely covered unit, with which it is tried to avoid knowing the features and particularities that it will have. Even so, we have a lot of information to offer you about this model.

More elegant and technological

With a much more elegant silhouette, which is especially reminiscent of its two brothers with the smooth descent of its rear, this model has been walked with a still generous camouflage that partially reveals a grille, we do not know if provisional and headlights with a signature which looks more or less similar to the current model, although those openings in its camouflage may be playing the game.

What does not seem like a hitch are the tension lines that circulate through the doors of the model and some door handles that change format to now is hidden in the bodywork, to thereby improve aerodynamics. A series of details that are very clearly reminiscent of the C-Class and the rest of the new launches of the star brand.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

A long-term renewal

As detailed by our spies, this new generation of the E-Class, which will probably arrive with the name W214, should arrive sometime in 2023, more or less in the middle of the year, or even already in 2024, thus making it clear that this new generation It is not imminent, but the current model will be left on the market for a little more time.

Meanwhile, we already have its electric version EQE ready to hit the market, although it seems that at least for another generation we will have an E-Class as usual, once again ensuring a level of comfort, luxury, and technology only surpassed by the Mercedes. Class S, the flagship of the German brand, with the permission of its electrified brother EQS.

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