MG Cyberster data is so good that people are right to be surprised

This week, new key details have been revealed about the next launch of MG, which no longer seeks to be the cheapest on the market and wants to stand out for its benefits: the MG Cyberster. An electric car with a roadster body that, by the way, when the first leaks were taking place, we believed that it would be a rival to the Mazda MX-5. However, later we could see that this model points much higher. Well now that we know more technical details about him is when they are starting to complain. And not because it’s bad, but on the contrary: because it’s too good. But what sense does this have?

The first thing to start with is the fact that the MG Cyberster will be launched on the market in two configurations, one with two electric motors and the other with only one electric motor that will be connected to the rear axle, as a good roadster has to be. The most powerful in the range will have 544 CV of maximum power, while the other version will have 314 CV of power. This is where part of the complaints have focused, pointing out that it is too much power for a roadster. Now, the other point on which the complaints have focused is the fact that it will weigh almost 2,000 kg, and that has little to do with a fun and ‘playful’ roadster.

The MG Cyberster is receiving complaints that it is ‘too good , too much power, and too much weight for a Roadster

Various international, English-speaking, specialized automotive media point precisely to that ‘problem’ for the new MG CybersterThat, indeed, something more similar to the Mazda MX-5 would have been expected from the brand, that it was a fun little roadster with good power, but not so much, a more contained weight and of course, to ask, they also ask that it would have been quite cheaper than it will be. But it is that, indeed, with this model, the brand wants to get out of its ‘low cost’ identity and show that it can also make passionate and aspirational products.

We can be relatively calm because MG already said a few months ago that they are considering a ‘smaller version’ of the MG Cyberster, more in line with what this model was expected to be. Which, on the other hand, will have a battery with 64 kWh of energy storage capacity in its basic version, and will reach up to 77 kWh in the most expensive. Of course, the one that will give more range is precisely the smallest battery, but because it is the one that will be associated with the least powerful motor configuration in the range.

MG Cyberster

One more point in which there has also been criticism is the fact that there is a configuration with four-wheel drive. A sports roadster makes more sense with an engine connected to the rear axle, and propulsion therefore. Now, it seems more than evident that with the MG Cyberster, the brand wanted to stand out in the market for its high power figure, and for that, it is essential to have not one, but two electric motors. In other words, you had to go through all-wheel drive if you wanted to be able to offer such a figure of maximum power.

Be that as it may, those who opt for the less powerful configuration, with a 64 kWh battery, will have a maximum range of 450 km according to the WLTP approval cycle. And those who want the most powerful configuration, which is the one that least convinces roadster purists, and which has a 77 kWh battery, will have a range of 420 km. After all, these figures are in line with what is expected, for example, from the electric Porsche Boxster that will arrive a little later. And although it has generated criticism from most purists, since it is electric, it would be difficult for it to convince them one hundred percent.

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