Next MG ZS EV will base its foundations on the affordable MG4

It is expected that at the end of this year, MG will show the first information about the most accessible electric SUV, the MG ZS EV.

The MG ZS EV will significantly change its appearance, interior, and mechanics in its new generation. For some years now, this car has been presented as the access model to the electric SUV range, only above (in price) the famous MG4 and below the MG Marvel R. In the coming months, the brand should give the first information in this regard, although the first data are already beginning to emerge.

The current generation of the MG ZS EV is presented as one of the most successful models of the brand worldwide. However, substantial changes will make the new generation an even more attractive model, especially in Europe, where the demand for affordable electric SUVs is high.

Aesthetic renewal

The updating of the MG ZS EV will take on a much more striking design than the current generation. This image will base its foundations on the additions already released in the MG4, such as more aggressive headlights or a design, generally more work. On the other hand, it is not expected that this will vary too much concerning the current car. Remember that this has a length of 4,314 mm by 1,644 mm in height, 1,809 mm in width, and a battle of 2.6 meters. That is to say, a clear rival for models like the Opel Mokka-e or the Peugeot e-2008. The generational renewal will extend the wheelbase to 2.7 or 2.8 meters.

In general terms, the indications point to a design very close to the MG VS that has already been released in other markets. Compared to the current generation, it will have a shorter hood, a raised front grille, the aforementioned updated headlights, and 17- or 18-inch wheels with an aerodynamic design. It will also have a more extensive exterior color palette (currently, it has five colors) and some black plastic decorations in the lower part of the car to emphasize its adventurous character.

Updated interior

MG ZS EV interior

The interior of the new MG ZS EV is expected to take a good part of the elements already released in the MG4. Among them, its current central screen will be replaced in favor of one with up to 10.25 inches with the company’s MG iSMART system, connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, or a 360-degree camera system and parking aid sensors. Additionally, it is expected to have 7-inch digital instrumentation.

In addition to the technological endowment, there could also be an improvement in interior habitability. The current ZS EV has completely correct interior dimensions, although the update would bring these data to improved values. As a reminder, the current generation offers a trunk with 448 liters of capacity.


News in its mechanics

The MG ZS EV will sit on the brand’s MSP modular platform, the same one already used by the MG4. This admits both models with rear-wheel drive and total AWD, for cases in which one or two electric motors are located under its body. The flexibility of this platform allows it to adapt to models with wheelbases between 2,650 and 3,100 mm.

Under the floor of the car, its battery pack will be housed, which will have an initial capacity of 64 kWh and will offer a range of 400 kilometers (the same as the MG4). It will feed a system of one or two electric motors with powers between 170 and 400 CV. The same levels that the catalog of the most accessible compact model will obtain in the coming months.

Price and release

Rumors already place a presentation of the model during the last months of 2023, although it would not reach Spanish dealers until the first weeks of 2024. It will once again position itself just above the MG4 or as the SUV for access to the electric range (only below the MG Marvel R Electric).

As of today, the MG ZS EV has a starting price of 30,990 euros, which can be reduced to 23,480 euros in case of applying promotional discounts and the help of the MOVES III Plan. The new generation should not vary these rates too much, once again presenting itself as one of the cheapest alternatives in the entire electric B-SUV segment.

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