MG wants to launch a smaller and affordable electric sports car

The new MG Cyberster is one of the most anticipated launches of the Anglo-Chinese firm, which will celebrate its centenary next year. This 100% electric convertible is the latest member of a long line of sporty roadsters, a type of vehicle on which MG has built its brand image for decades.

At first, the MG Cyberster was conceived as a replacement for the MG TF (2002-2011), but the need to use high-capacity batteries forced the company to extend its wheelbase, which resulted in an overall length of 4.53 meters, well above the 3.96 meters of its predecessor.

With a range consisting of two versions of 314 CV (231 kW) and 544 CV (400 kW) of power, the MG Cyberster will play in the same league as the Alpine A110, BMW Z4, Porsche 718, and Toyota Supra, among others. However, the company does not rule out developing a smaller and more affordable sports car.

MG’s global design chief, Oleg Son, has hinted that the idea is gaining ground within the SAIC group, its parent. Although it has not yet received the green light, this project could lead to a series model that would see the light of day in a few years, perhaps based on the MG E-Motion, a concept car that even leaked several patents in 2020 with a look very close to production.

MG’s new pocket sports car could derive from the MG4

Son has confirmed several interesting details: it would be a convertible with more than two seats related to the MG4“[The Cyberster] is a car designer’s dream. [But] it’s not for everyone, so my dream now is to create an MG that might be in the Cyber ​​line, in the Cyber ​​family, but that’s much more affordable: that doesn’t compete with a conventional car like the MG4, that’s a usable car every day, but still a sports car that you can open the roof.

MG Electric Sport Car Concept

[It has to be] something that is still very exciting, attractive, and that you can wear every day. Much, much more affordable. What can I call it? Maybe ‘baby Cyberster’, I don’t know. Something that can be driven every day because it’s practical enough, but [also] fun.

With the Cyberster, if you drive it, you might only use it on the weekends on a safe road. But with the car I’m talking about you can go to work; you can take your grandchildren if you are retired. A sexy brother to the MG4, but much, much more exciting .”

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