MG aims to be the best seller with this affordable car in 2024

MG has already made its mark in Europe, but good. And he has done it not with the MG 4, which is one of the best electric cars that can be bought today in our country, but with the MG ZS. Because? Well, because, although it is a gasoline without electrification, it is a good-sized SUV that can be purchased for just 13,990 euros and, however, offers much more than a Dacia Sandero that starts at about 12,000 euros. Yes, the MG ZS is a great car due to its price-performance ratio, and it has remarkable equipment included as standard. But by the year 2024, the MG brand has prepared a real ‘bombshell’ that goes straight for Dacia.

For a long time, the Dacia Sandero has been the best-selling car in Europe because, although with little equipment, it has a very low price and good dimensions. However, in recent months the MG ZS has been growing in sales and last August it took over the leadership and placed itself in first position. And now, for next year 2024, the MG brand has prepared an even better model for the Europe market. Not better in performance, but better in price, because it is expected to be even cheaper than the successful MG ZS. So much so that it is said that it will start from only 12,000 euros and with some important advantages compared to the MG ZS that Europe customers are liking so much.

MG 3 2024 is only 12,000 euros and targets top sales

The model we are talking about is the MG 3 2024. In reality, it is still not one hundred percent clear that it will arrive with this name. Of course, we know for sure that it will be the one that replaces the current MG 3 – which is not sold in EuropePhotos of its design have been leaked, in addition, spy photos of some units rolling with camouflage on the open road have already been seen. According to the information leaked so far, it will not only be a direct rival for the Dacia Sandero, but it will also serve the brand to compete with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

MG Electric Car

Because? The first big advantage that it is expected to have over the Dacia Sandero is that they say it will have a hybrid engine. Of course, in its cheapest version what is expected is that it will have a gasoline engine with 48 V mild hybrid technology, so that without increasing its price it will offer the DGT ECO label in Europe. And that, indeed, already represents a great competitive advantage for the MG 3 2024 compared to the Dacia Sandero because, although the Romanian may have it, it achieves it with a very inefficient engine and with high fuel consumption because it is a biofuel engine compatible with gasoline. and LPG.

The new MG 3 2024, within the subcompact category, in addition to rivaling the Sandero, will also be an alternative to the SEAT Ibiza, the recently renewed Opel Corsa, the more than interesting Hyundai i20, and many others. The key to its foreseeable success will be its low price, which is expected to start at around 12,000 euros like the Romanian brand’s model. But in addition, another important competitive advantage, beyond the fact that its design will be much more attractive, is the fact that it will have a 7-year warranty, it will be sold with one year of free comprehensive insurance. furthermore, with much more complete equipment included as standard.

MG Electric Car

Today, the cheapest Dacia Sandero doesn’t even have air conditioning included as standard, and that is one of the things that makes it so economical. The MG 3 2024 will use remarkably complete equipment, like any of the models now available from the brand, including the successful MG ZS. Which, among other things, for less than 14,000 euros already has a 10.1-inch diagonal multimedia screen that is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This is the same line that the MG 3 2024 is expected to follow to become the best-selling car in Europe.

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