MG4 electric is now even cheaper, starting from 18,400 Euros

The MG4 fits within the C segment and yet is much cheaper than any rival. A Volkswagen ID.3 costs 34,500 euros; A Renault Mégane E-Tech exceeds 27,000 euros and a Cupra Born starts at 29,800 euros. Until now, the MG4, which by the way comes with more and better standard equipment than these alternatives, has been able to be purchased for 19,480 euros. But the brand is going to be even more aggressive with its offers and it has already been learned that they are lowering the price even further, to 18,400 euros as a starting point.

However, MG does not want to compete with Volkswagen, Renault, or Cupra. Or at least they are not the brands for which they are going to launch this commercial offensive even more aggressively than the one maintained until now. The thing is that MG wants to be the alternative to Tesla, which with the Model Y is the best-selling car in Europe. They are not products that compete within the same category, but the MG4 can aspire to achieve more units sold because it has a much more affordable price and is in a high-volume segment. So the price will go from 19,480 euros to only 18,400 euros with all applicable promotions, the financing discount, and the maximum aid from the MOVES III Plan, of an additional 7,000 euros.

Another 1,000 Euro discount on the MG4, which is already the cheapest electric vehicle in its category

According to website, close sources indicate a reduction in the prices of the MG4, planned for an imminent arrival, which will make it available from 18,400 euros to confront Tesla and threaten its leadership. Beyond its attractive price, we are talking about a car that starts its commercial offer with a configuration that already has 170 HP of power with an electric motor and that offers 350 km of range with its LFP battery. It also comes loaded with standard equipment, with one year of free comprehensive insurance and an outstanding 7-year warranty.

MG4 Electric

It is evident that MG is doing well with its electric model since this year they have already sold 2,437 units of the MG4 and have managed to increase their sales by 2,000%. The figures are above what the brand had planned, but seeing their evolution, they are going to increase their offers to set themselves the next goal of beating Tesla in sales figures. And of course, after having placed the MG ZS as the best-selling car, taking the place from the Dacia Sandero, it seems that MG knows how to do things to climb the sales rankings.

But in addition to these greater discounts, the Chinese brand has new models planned that will allow it to continue growing in the European market. The arrival of its new plug-in hybrid is scheduled for the last week of October. Which will be the new MG HS 2024, and which will be positioned with a lower price than its competitors. This model as has happened until now, with plug-in hybrid mechanics will cost the same as plug-in hybrids. With much more interesting propulsion technology, and with more equipment included as standard than what its rivals have.

This imminent launch is going to be a problem for the KIA Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson, which are the ‘top sellers’ in the compact SUV category. But it is also going to pose a serious problem for the Toyota RAV4, for example, and the entire Toyota brand as a whole. Simply, because until now the Japanese company has been able to distinguish itself as a leader in plug-in hybrids. Having the DGT Zero label, instead of the ECO label, should already be enough of an advantage compared to the models with which the MG HS 2024 will compete.

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