Tesla Model 3 Highland finally spotted in Europe

The new Model 3, under the Highland Project program, expands its testing program and, for the first time, can be seen on the Old Continent with German license plates. We are getting closer to one of the most important revelations in recent years. When Tesla launched the Model 3 on the market, it became a mass success that brought 100% electric mobility closer to the general public. In these years, the American sedan has gained followers and qualities that must be improved in its next generation. The Tesla Model 3 2024 must fulfill many promises released by the company. To make them a reality, the team in charge of the development is fulfilling a demanding and complete testing program that has taken them halfway around the world. Now, finally, it is already circulating in Europe.

Known internally as Project Highland, the new generation of the Model 3 will bring with it important innovations. One of them, one of the fundamental ones, will be the aesthetic change. Many months ago his image was discovered to the world through the first spy photos. Since then, a cascade of information has emerged that is still to be confirmed. More range, more technology, and larger and new features will delight its new owners. Elon Musk himself has recognized that this will be one of the most important launches in Tesla’s history.

Recently, we have learned that the marketing of the new Model 3 is almost imminent. A Chinese report reveals that the model could go on sale in just a few weeks, although primary estimates have not been met. Before the end of the year, it will be able to be bought. Everything indicates that it will first go on sale in the United States and China to, shortly after, make an appearance in the Old Continent. The first units have already been assembled at the Shanghai Gigafactory, though those early Model 3s have been sacrificed to test the updated assembly lines.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

On this occasion, it should be noted that for the first time in all these months of testing and development, the renewed Model 3 has been seen driving on European roads, more specifically in Germany. A user of X (formerly Twitter) has intercepted a development mule with German license plates, sparking a flurry of comments and speculation. What are you doing in Europe? The most logical thing is to think that Tesla wants to adapt the configuration of its cheapest saloon to the driving standards of our continent, known throughout the world for being the most demanding in these terms. We can also imagine other goals.

It would not be strange to see the new Tesla Model 3 put to the test in the mythical north layout of the Nürburgring. The German circuit is a worldwide reference for being one of the most common test scenarios for brands. Tesla has already attacked the Nordschleife on more than one occasion. The last time it was to beat the lap time of an electric car, using the most extreme version of the Tesla Model S. What is clear is that Tesla’s development program has grown in recent years, somewhat that we have also been able to verify with the Tesla Cybertruck, which will also see the light of day imminently. Elon Musk himself has already driven one of the definitive units.

For a long time, the American company has been criticized for sacrificing a large part of the development of its cars to launch them on sale as soon as possible. This has led to a long list of inconveniences and failures that have been minimized with small updates throughout the operational life of each model. Manufacturers, in general, allocate many resources, millions of kilometers and hundreds of hours of work to fine-tune the behavior of their cars. These tests not only make it possible to adjust the car’s settings but also to detect possible failures in real-use conditions. Finally, we can say that Tesla is sticking to the agenda like any other manufacturer, which should translate into improved cars compared to those of the past.

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