Pininfarina Theorem: It’s time to imagine the future

Features and design of Pininfarina Theorem revealed. The famous Italian house shows us the lines of its latest prototype, one with which it offers a glimpse into the electric mobility of the future Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina is known for drawing some of the most beautiful cars in history, including classic models like the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and Maserati A6, as well as more modern ones whether it’s the Alfa Romeo GTV or Battista himself. Looking to the future and equipped with the latest technology, the talented team has envisioned a very eye-catching concept car developed exclusively using virtual reality and augmented reality.

Pininfarina Theorem Design

It’s called Theorem, and it’s a radically styled 100% electric prototype that stretches to a towering 5.4 meters in length, making it almost as long as the latest Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Its distinctive body is barely 1.4 meters tall and was sculpted using Pininfarina’s wind tunnel to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Large ducts on the sides channel air from the front to back to improve flow and consequently increase the range of the electric vehicle.

Pininfarina Theorem

As if the exterior wasn’t flashy enough, the cabin has an unusual seating arrangement with a layout similar to that of a McLaren F1 or Gordon Murray T.50 but adding a third row and no steering wheel. Yes, the Theorem has been conceived as a fully autonomous electric prototype, allowing designers to push the front seat forward. Pininfarina says there is a driving mode and also a resting mode, which transforms the interior into a “social space in which people can move.”

It will not go into production

No detailed technical specifications have been provided for this concept car, but we do know that the Theorem is based on a chassis developed by automotive supplier Benteler exclusively for electric vehicles. The elegant seats are a joint effort with furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau and have been conceived to fold up into a bench. Continental also participated in the R&D process and provided the pop-up buttons, each shaped differently for easy identification.

Pininfarina Theorem

At this point, we have to talk about the negative part and that is that all those who have fallen in love with this peculiar car should know that Pininfarina has no intention of taking it into production since it has only been created for exhibition purposes. In this sense, the Italian firm says that its prototype will be shown to selected people in the coming weeks.

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