Renault Megane E-TECH now with fast charging

At the time of its commercial launch, the Renault Megane E-TECH surprised locals and strangers with its wide range of variants: based on combining engines, batteries, charging systems, and finishes, the range of the electric compact was made up of a total of twelve versions, one of the most extensive in its category.

The Megane E-TECH is available with two engines, one with 131 hp (96 kW) and the other with 218 hp (160 kW). The first of them can be associated with two batteries, one of 40 kWh (up to 302 km WLTP) and another of 60 kWh (up to 470 km WLTP), while the second can only be chosen with the most capable pack (up to 454 km WLTP). However, things get complicated if we include charging systems in the equation.

And it is that the French crossover is offered with four options: Standard Charge (40 kWh battery), Boost Charge (40 kWh battery), Super Charge (60 kWh battery), and Optimum Charge (60 kWh battery). Each of these systems is broken down as follows:

  • Standard Charge: 7kW AC
  • Boost Charge: 22kW AC + 85kW DC
  • Super Charge: 7 kW AC + 130 kW DC
  • Optimum Charge: 22 kW AC + 130 kW DC

As can be seen, the basic system (Standard Charge), standard in the access versions with the 40 kWh battery, does not include fast charging in direct current. On the other hand, the Boost Charge and Optimum Charge options add a 22 kW three-phase charger, something that allows users to take advantage of the numerous semi-fast points available in the public network of our country.

The Renault Megane E-TECH with the Boost Charge system starts at 39,100 euros

Although all these options were announced from the beginning until now Renault is only allowed to choose some of them; for example, the 40 kWh battery was exclusively available with the Standard Charge system. However, the brand configurator has been gradually completed in recent weeks.

Renault Megane E-TECH

Thus, the 40 kWh Megane E-TECH now also has the Boost Charge system as an option. Commercially known as “EV40 96 kW Boost Charge”, this version can be associated with the balance and techno finishes, with their rates being respectively 39,100 and 42,100 euros before aid.

The arrival of the Boost Charge system will allow those customers who choose the 40 kWh Megane E-TECH to enjoy much more competitive charging times, becoming a more practical option than the Standard Charge system.

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