These are the best alternatives to the refreshed Toyota Yaris Cross

The new Toyota Yaris Cross 2024 seems to have not changed because it maintains its aesthetics intact, but the truth is that for this restyling the Japanese brand has focused exactly on what it should. They have left its design aside and have put better technology in its cabin, more equipment dedicated to safety, and, above all, a better hybrid engine that increases the power figure and also the maximum torque figure. It will arrive at dealerships next month, but I am going to tell you which are the best alternatives that are already available on the market.

Today the Toyota Yaris Cross can be purchased for 24,925 euros, and with the improvement in power and equipment, it would be most normal that we see a price increase with the introduction of the Yaris Cross 2024 on the market. Meanwhile, among its biggest rivals is an SUV that is cheaper and has a more powerful hybrid engine, and that is the Renault Captur hybrid. Specifically, it costs 23,700 euros at the moment, so there is a significant difference of 1,200 euros in its favor, more or less, and it has hybrid mechanics without a plug that develops a remarkable power of 145 HP compared to the 132 HP that it comes with. the newly released Toyota Yaris Cross 2024.

These are the biggest rivals of the Toyota Yaris Cross 2024, all of them with more powerful hybrid engines than the Japanese SUV

Renault Captur E-Tech Hybrid

The only thing that penalizes the Renault Captur hybrid is that it has a 305-liter trunk, while the recently presented Toyota Yaris Cross 2024 has 390 liters of cargo capacity. But, of course, the French model is not the only alternative to the Japanese SUV. There is also the interesting KIA Niro hybrid which, although it indeed raises its rate to a minimum of 27,300 euros, is a much superior product to the new Toyota Yaris Cross. And not only because, again, it has a more powerful hybrid engine than the Japanese SUV.

The KIA Niro hybrid develops a maximum power of 141 HP with truly contained fuel consumption, but it also uses a dual-clutch automatic transmission which, by far, is much more pleasant and fun to drive. In addition to this, it is a larger SUV due to the dimensions of its body and has a notable trunk capacity of 451 liters, and rear seats that stand out for being much larger. So, although it is positioned somewhat higher in price, it is a much more complete model at all levels, including its equipment options.

kia niro hev

It happens the same as the Hyundai KONA hybrid, which uses the same hybrid engine with 141 HP of maximum power in association with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox with a driving experience notably superior to the e-CVT transmission offered by the Toyota Yaris Cross 2024. The problem, of course, is that the Hyundai KONA hybrid raises its rates even more, up to 28,740 euros as the minimum price. Here, the price gaps begin to become excessive compared to the Japanese model and the rest of the alternatives.

Another model, which is not available right now but will arrive shortly, is the MG ZS hybrid. At the beginning of next year 2024, this new alternative to the Toyota Yaris Cross 2024 should be reaching the market, which, judging by the rates of the thermal model, aims to be much cheaper than any of these models we have talked about. And above all, a slightly larger option, which remains close to the 448 liters of trunk capacity that the gasoline version already has, and stands out as usual in the brand for much more complete equipment included as standard.

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