Tesla will present cheap electric car that will be better than Model 3

Tesla is one of the companies that has made the greatest effort in recent years to reduce its production costs as much as possible. And that is what, among other things, has allowed them to recently release the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ at a groundbreaking price compared to their rivals. But Elon Musk’s firm has not stopped there, far from it, because now we know that they have just achieved their greatest innovation to date. And it is precisely this important technological advance that will allow them to offer a new electric car for only 25,000 euros in a very short time. Are we talking about the Tesla Model 2? Well, that’s what it seems.

Five people familiar with Tesla‘s plans have revealed that the company specializing in electric cars has achieved its greatest technological advance in the Gigacasting production process. An innovation that would allow them to melt practically all the lower complexes of an electric vehicle into a single piece. What these sources reveal is that the company has taken a big step forward in this innovative solution to achieve one-piece die-casting that combines the front and rear sections with the lower part of the chassis in which the battery. This will be used for the first time in Tesla’s new 25,000 euro electric car, which we have already been talking about as the Tesla Model 2, and which according to this latest report will be launched in 2025.

The Tesla Model 2 arrives in 2025 and debuts the greatest technological innovation

This is a gigantic technological advance applied to the production process of an electric car because we must not forget that a conventional vehicle requires about 400 parts that have to be cast independently. According to this report, Tesla has managed to reduce 400 pieces to just one, which is melted in a gigantic press. And it’s nothing that came as a surprise because, in reality, Elon Musk has been trying to get to this point for years.

The same report points out that Tesla’s new design and new manufacturing techniques will allow the electric car brand to develop cars in 18 months or two years at most, while most of its rivals need up to four years. to do the same. They also advance that Tesla is expected to make a final decision on whether to melt the platform into a single piece at some point during this month. So within a short time, we should begin to have more information about the Tesla Model 2, which is the brand’s most promising launch for the coming years.

Tesla Model 3

This Tesla technique, based on the integration of hollow subframes with internal ribs in a single cast part, represents incredible savings in production costs and an outstanding simplification of the vehicle manufacturing process. This means that Tesla will be able to sell an electric car for $25,000, which is a price that would leave any rival out. But this would also allow them to reduce their delivery times, be able to increase production volume, and, ultimately, face the enormous demand expected for an electric vehicle that falls below the newcomer Tesla Model 3 Highland.

Tesla Model 3

Furthermore, this innovation also makes it possible to reduce the weight of the electric car, which is key to being able to install a battery with a lower energy storage capacity and, nevertheless, achieve the same or more rangeOf course, a ‘smaller’ battery also directly affects the ability to reduce the final price of this electric car. Which, at least for the moment, we will continue to know as the Tesla Model 2. Elon Musk already announced that this new platform for smaller electric cars would be 50% cheaper than the one used in the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y.

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