This affordable electric will rival the MG4 in Europe

The MG4 is playing solitaire in Europe because it is a rival to options like the Volkswagen ID.3, the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, or the Cupra Born, but it is much cheaper. To give us an idea, the cheapest MG4 only costs 28,990 euros and, however, the lowest price at which we can buy an ID.3 is already going to 34,000 euros. Something else. Now, there is “bad news” for MG, because the only electric car that aims to eat it in sales is about to arrive in Europe. And be careful, because it is a product of the world’s largest seller of ‘plug-in vehicles’.

Perhaps you had already imagined it, and if I don’t tell you: we are talking about the BYD Seagull. It is a smaller electric car than the MG4, because the MG fits among the compact ones with a body of 4.28 meters long, and yet the BYD Seagull is more of a subcompact, or even a utility, of 3.78 meters in length. The difference is certainly notable, but still, both have 5 seats. As it is, it is rather a direct rival to the Dacia Spring, but who aspires to steal sales in the European market is the MG4.

The BYD Seagull with a better price and excellent performance

Precisely because of this, being a smaller electric car, the BYD Seagull, which in China has a price of fewer than 10,000 euros, when it arrives in Europe it should fit with a cheaper price than the MG4. If the MG4 is available from 28,990 euros, as we mentioned earlier, it would be reasonable for the BYD Seagull to have rates starting at around 22,000 euros, which with the discount of the MOVES III Plan would remain at approximately 15,000 euros, as a minimum rate with included equipment of more than remarkable series.

The BYD Seagull is available in China in a configuration with a 75 HP maximum power engine, which is already more than what the top of the Dacia Spring range can offer, and there is also another configuration with 102 HP maximum power. In both cases, permanent magnet synchronous electric motors were manufactured by BYD itself. And it also has two different battery configurations, one with 30.08 kWh and the other reaching up to 38.88 kWh of energy storage capacity.

BYD Seagull

In its most basic version, the BYD Seagull declares a range of 305 km, which is effectively established between the Dacia Spring and its 230 kilometers, and the MG4, which starts at 350 kilometers. This is the configuration that costs less than 10,000 euros in its country of origin and that, a priori, in Spain, could be sold for approximately 15,000 euros. But there is also another version, the one with the highest energy storage capacity, which already declares a range of 405 kilometers. Something with which, without a doubt, you can better defend yourself from larger and more expensive models.

BYD has recently talked about the Seagull in Europe, and it seems that the brand is already preparing to start selling it soon in our country, and the rest of the markets of the Old Continent. This launch could coincide with the arrival of the renewal of the Dacia Spring, which will also improve range and, above all, will introduce a significant leap in quality in its interior. Even so, the BYD Seagull aspires to be the best alternative to the MG4, for price and performance, and an outstanding option between this model and the Dacia Spring, with a price not too higher to justify its purchase with a series of more points. powerful.

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  1. Hi it’s impossible to buy the mg 4 for the 20k those prices include the moves 3 which after waiting 18 month i still have not received it

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