This electric car is as cheap as the MG4 and more powerful

Well, when the MG 4 hit the market, it caught everyone by surprise and convinced the entire market. After all, it reached the segment of models such as the Volkswagen ID.3, the Cupra Born, or the Renault Mégane E-Tech, and yet it did so at a much lower price. But it also comes with more and better equipment than its rivals and has an extraordinary 7-year warranty. But of course, other brands have begun to react and there is one model, in particular, that may be a much better option. Because it costs very much the same and, yet, it not only surpasses him in power but is practically better than him in everything.

The model we are talking about measures 4.29 meters long, so it is almost identical to the MG 4, although it has a 345-liter trunk and the MG model reaches up to 363 liters of capacity. But this is because one prioritizes space in the trunk, and the other the habitability of the rear seats. Compared to the 170 HP electric motor that the cheapest MG 4 has, the most economical configuration – today – of the BYD Dolphin already comes with a 204 HP electric motor. But the fact is that the cheapest MG 4 also has 51 kWh of battery energy storage capacity and, however, the cheapest in the BYD Dolphin range already has a 61 kWh battery.

Has more power and range

The BYD Dolphin has rates that start at 21,780 euros, compared to the 19,480 euros from which the MG 4 starts in its cheapest configuration. And yes, okay, there is a significant difference of 2,300 euros between one and the other, but as we have seen just before, the BYD Dolphin has a more powerful engine and also has a much larger battery. And precisely for the latter, the MG 4 is satisfied with a WLTP range of 350 kilometers, however, the BYD Dolphin reaches up to 427 kilometers.

BYD Dolphin

Just because of the differences that we have just seen so far, you will surely have realized that in the comparison between the two, in their cheapest configurations, the BYD Dolphin wins without a doubt. But we must also take into account that the BYD model comes much better equipped as standard, especially when it comes to technology. And it has better finishes in its cabin, in addition to having a heat pump as standard and thanks to that it is much more efficient than its rival in the MG range.

BYD Dolphin interior

So yes, the MG can boast of having a slightly larger trunk and being 2,300 euros cheaper. Now, the BYD Dolphin has a proposal for access to the range that offers much superior features and in terms of equipment it is even better than the MG 4. So, if we make a comparison between the two, the BYD Dolphin is a more recommended purchase. However, things change if we look for maximum range because, although paying more for it, the MG 4 has a version with 520 km of maximum range that the BYD Dolphin cannot overshadow. After all, its best version only reaches 427 km of range. WLTP autonomy.

If you asked me which of the two I would buy, the truth is that looking for the best balance I would go for the BYD Dolphin without hesitation. Now, if I were looking for maximum range, then the MG 4 would be my choice. Whichever one you prefer, what I would recommend is that you do not buy the cheapest versions of the MG 4 for the simple reason that they do not have a heat pump. So, if you are interested in this electric car, let me tell you as a tip that you buy the Luxury at least, which already comes with this technology included in its standard equipment.

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