Polestar will revolutionize electric cars that charge in 10 minutes

We have already seen how  Volvo has taken the lead in the electric car market by introducing its new Volvo EX30 to the market, which is cheaper than an equivalent Hyundai or Opel and yet offers a  much more premium approach. The secret in all this is that behind Volvo is Geely, an Asian giant that not only owns Volvo but also  Polestar, for example, and co-owner of Smart among others. Well, their latest hit on the table is really interesting because it will allow their electric devices to be charged in 10 minutes, and the reality is that we are not far from introducing this great innovation to the market.

If it is something that Polestar is going to have, as indicated by  Reuters, we can assume that the Volvos will also offer it. At the moment we already know that the company is immersed in the development of the  Polestar 5 and that it is also facing its final phases. It is a four-door coupe model with a unique and original design that will seek to be a direct rival to the Porsche Taycan, among others. This model will go into production sometime in 2025, and now we have learned that the company has partnered with the Israeli startup  StoreDot. Which has a  revolutionary battery technology with ultra-fast charging that allows you to recover from 10% to 80% of its charge capacity in just 10 minutes. And be careful, because they also announce that it resists more than 1,000 charge and discharge cycles without notable degradation of its cells.

Polestar will use the StoreDot battery with silicon anode to charge from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes

Although Polestar recently confirmed an agreement with SK On, a Korean company like Samsung and LG that will be in charge of supplying batteries, it has also now been learned that  Polestar is pushing forward progress in  ‘new generation’ batteries. And in this sense, they have teamed up with StoreDot to, effectively, use their most innovative battery. A package based on cells with a silicon anode that stands out, above all, for its extraordinary charging speed. ·In specific data, one of the first versions will allow charging from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes, although they promise even faster ultra-fast charging for later.

Polestar 5

Now we know that, in partnership,  Polestar and StoreDot have already scheduled the presentation of the prototype of this revolutionary battery mounted on the Polestar 5. So we are very, very close to knowing in greater detail the performance of this battery in a vehicle that, effectively, will be in production in a matter of a year at most. Now, it is true that the StoreDot company is not scheduled to begin mass production of these new batteries based on dominant silicon cells in their anode until 2027.

The battery that StoreDot is going to offer to Polestar, presumably also to Volvo, and of course also to other manufacturers, uses  XFC technology. This name comes from  Extreme Fast Charing. According to the indications that the Israeli company has given to date, it will allow us to recover 160 km of range in 5 minutes. And yes, more or less similar technologies have indeed been seen, but this dominant silicon anode battery does not degrade with this ultra-fast charging system.

StoreDot does not have a collaboration agreement – ​​or supply, simply – only with Polestar, which exists as of now, but they have also signed with Mercedes-Benz, among others. The Israeli startup has already revealed the steps they are going to take in the future, and although their  100in5 battery is capable of recovering 100 miles in 5 minutes, which is already truly revolutionary, they are also going to launch the  100in3 batteries by 2028, and in 2032 they plan to have their  100in2 battery. It is understandable, but just in case: the first recovers 100 miles in 3 minutes, and the second increases the pace to recover up to 100 miles in 2 minutes.

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