Volvo shared information about the EX30 before its unveiling

The Volvo EX30 will be a subcompact-sized electric SUV based on the automaker’s latest dedicated platform. At the same time, Volvo unveiled the EX90 last fall in Sweden, it also gave us a taste of yet another electric utility. It had no name at the time, but if you compared it to the EX90 parked next to it, you could see that it was a very small model. We learn today that it will bear the name EX30 and that the manufacturer intends to unveil it on June 7th. Until then, Volvo shares some information with us.

The big and the small

The press release that Volvo sent us on the EX30 does not give much, apart from a few images of its silhouette, its headlights, and its dashboard. Volvo has confirmed, however, that it will be a subcompact electric SUV. The manufacturer, therefore, seems to start with the biggest and the smallest to present its new electric offensive.

We can therefore deduce that this small SUV will eventually replace the XC40 within the range. Remember that the Geely group, which controls Volvo, has just recently developed a new architecture dedicated to modular electricity (the SEA) which will allow the manufacturer to build electric vehicles of all sizes. This platform will also support the EX90 which is planned for our market by the end of the year and which will replace the XC90.

In all likelihood, Volvo will adopt a similar strategy to the EX30. Remember that the XC40 and XC40 Recharge are currently based on a hybrid platform (the CMA) which makes it possible to support thermal and electric engines. With the EX30, Volvo would rather exclusively go electric in this segment.

Volvo EX30

The few images of the design show us a mini-EX90 that incorporates similar LED headlights and lights. Will the headlights be retractable like on the EX90 prototype? Impossible to know by looking at the only image that the manufacturer sent us. In its press release, however, Volvo tells us about a cabin that uses durable materials and a multimedia interface entirely powered by Google Android.

Volvo EX30 interior

Without going into details, the manufacturer also mentions artificial intelligence to increase the level of safety of the vehicle and facilitate its daily use. A soundbar, incorporated into the base of the windshield and comprising several speakers, would create a unique audio ambiance, says Volvo.

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