2022 Lexus NX: The Second Generation Leaked!

The new generation of the Japanese firm's premium compact SUV has anticipated its official presentation with these images

In 2015 Lexus decided to reinforce its commitment to SUVs with a new model that would be located below the RX to conquer an audience that was looking for an SUV with a more compact size. The formula worked like a charm and it is that during these six years of commercialization the 2022 Lexus NX has reaped very positive results, so much so that the Japanese firm has already ready a worthy replacement in the form of a second-generation to which we have tracked down at the beginning of the year, still generously camouflaged by then.

However, it is not necessary to wait any longer to meet this Lexus NX 2022, because it has just been completely filtered with these official photos that seem to have escaped prematurely.

2022 Lexus NX Interior

2022 Lexus NX Interior

It all started with a leak on the internet of a short video that showed both the exterior and the interior of this new generation of Lexus NX, of which a series of captures were made that has now been published by the ClubLexus.com forum. Thus we find a model that seems more an evolution than a revolution concerning its predecessor, and it is not for less considering the striking design that the current model continues to show.

However, and following the trend of other recent Lexus models, we do find certain tweaks that contribute to giving it a slightly cleaner and more elegant appearance than the previous model, highlighting new headlights now unified in a single larger lens incorporating the previously separate and sharp daytime running lights. Something similar happens with the taillights that are now unified by a thin horizontal LED line that gives a more modern and sporty touch to the rear. Of course, the bumpers have also been modernized following the trend of other recent Lexus models.

2022 Lexus NX

Everything indicates that the new delivery of the Japanese SUV will use both the technology and many mechanical components of the Toyota RAV4, including its TNGA-K platform, although conveniently revised for the occasion. In the mechanical section, there will also be similarities between both SUVs since the plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses the Prime version will be positioned as one of the most performance-oriented in the range, and in fact, it could be ready from the very launch of the model, offering a range of use in an electric model that will exceed 50 kilometers.

2022 Lexus NX

With new engines?

Along with this alternative of 306 horsepower and four-wheel drive, there will be other lesser non-plug-in hybrid mechanics. The next-generation NX could also add a few more cylinders and other powertrains under its hood. In this regard, our spies inform us that Lexus has registered the designations “NX 250” and “NX 350″ so that the Asian SUV could have a four-cylinder block similar to that used by the current RAV4, without a turbocharger, along with the 3.5-liter V6 that powers the Toyota Camry.

2022 Lexus NX Back

As for the interior, this new Lexus NX 2022 is presented with a cockpit that incorporates a fully digital instrument panel and a large 14-inch touch screen for the infotainment system, almost fused with its center console. All with the usual level of finishes of Toyota’s premium brand.

This new 2022 Lexus NX is expected to be unveiled sometime in the next few weeks to be launched on the market in the fall of this year. Manufacturing is likely to take place at the Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, assembly plant, which also makes the new RAV4.

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