Lexus is preparing one of its most popular models to be 100% electric

Lexus will put an electric sedan on the market to stand up to the main competitors in the sector. In the spotlight, of course, will be Tesla, but also alternatives like the BMW i4, for example. But what car will the Japanese model be? Neither more nor less than the Lexus IS, one of the best-known alternatives in the Japanese range. A model that has currently disappeared from the European catalog and will soon return in the form of a 100% electric alternative.

It will be in the year 2035 when Lexus becomes a 100% electric brand, thus giving up the hybrid or “pure” combustion mechanics for which a large part of the public knows them. However, the path to this goal is still far away, and Before arriving, the brand will gradually increase its ‘zero emissions’ range.

Lexus prepares the 100% electric IS for 2025

From Japanese media, it is reported that Lexus is already planning the renewal of the Lexus IS, which will be based on the e-TNGA platform already used by alternatives such as the Toyota bZ4X or the Lexus RZ, for example. This is a clear indication that the next sedan will be completely net of carbon emissions.

Specifically, Best Car Web claims that the new Lexus IS range will include saloon and family body types, but they also go into more specific details such as its mechanics and design. Specifically, it is noted that the aesthetic has already been subtly shown alongside a set of concept vehicles two years ago.

At that time, Lexus presented a total of four all-electric prototypes that promised to see the light of day “some time this decade.” These presented a very attractive aesthetic, with renewed lines although retaining the clear aesthetic appendages by which the brand is characterized with models such as the Lexus LC. In this presentation, in addition to the sedan and the family car already mentioned, you could also see a convertible and a sporting Shooting Brake; However, in the report of the aforementioned media, they do not talk about the latter two.

Lexus IS

The four vehicles had quite spectacular designs, although quite close to what a current mass-produced vehicle could be. These stood out for their thin and stylized headlights, as well as their straight and very sporty lines.

Best Car Web also mentions the propulsion system. According to this medium, the Lexus IS should have a dual electric motor scheme, which would provide all-wheel drive in the highest-end models. They should also have an electronic torque vectoring system, with which to control the power sent to each of the motors through a central computer. Finally, although they do not mention its power or range, they do point out that it could have a two-speed gearbox, just as they already have models from the Volkswagen Group, such as the Porsche Taycan or the Audi e-tron GT.

Its launch could take place in the middle or end of next year 2024 to begin its marketing a year later, in 2025. Already entering the territory of speculation, its price could start at 70,000 euros, given the premium positioning of the company, as well as the specifications of its main rivals, which Lexus could try to beat.

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