Lexus will present its 520-mile range electric car in October

Lexus is preparing to take a significant leap forward with an electric car that it says will “ revolutionize the modular body structure, dramatically change the production method, and completely revamp the software platform .” A declaration of intent for the Japanese brand that is moving forward with an electrification plan.

Although at the moment there are not many details, it is expected that this new proposal will follow the lines of the next Neue Klasse models from BMW, the Mercedes Concept CLA, or the Opel Experimental. Some radical models in terms of design, efficiency, and a high level of technology and finishes.

Presented in its conceptual form recently in Japan, the future Lexus electric car will be characterized by a spectacular design and a low and very aerodynamic line. It is even rumored that it could adopt a five-door fastback silhouette, in a rival that will face proposals such as the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4, and the Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Lexus has not specified characteristics, but the company, part of the Toyota group, revealed last week that this will kick off a new family of electric cars, which will come equipped with drastic improvements in range and price compared to the brand’s current electric cars.

One of the main characteristics, in addition to its design, will be its extensive range. Lexus will use the latest Toyota technology, which is working on a battery capable of offering its models ranges of 500 miles as early as 2026.

Lexus LFZ

A new chemistry, which will allow the development of thinner battery packs, facilitating lower and more aerodynamically optimized designs with more spacious interiors, features that could reasonably be expected to define the new Lexus concept.

Subsequently, Lexus will also adopt solid electrolyte technology, which will mean another step forward in aspects such as weight reduction, greater safety, and range, which will reach 620 miles with each charge.

Promises must now be demonstrated with specific dates and plans beyond concepts and prototypes, which will allow the Japanese brand to begin to recover the ground lost compared to its main rivals.

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