Electric coupe SUV scares Tesla Model Y with its price of €26,000

BYD maintains a, to a certain extent, reduced range in Europe. However, in other countries, they already have a much broader catalog and continue to launch very interesting new options. The last one to debut is the BYD Sea Lion 07, a coupe SUV with a 4.83-meter-long body that is directly focused on facing the Tesla Model Y. So logic tells us that, sooner or later, this model will end up being sold in Europe, which is where Tesla’s ‘small’ SUV is enormously successful due to its sales figures. And of course, this BYD Sea Lion 07 can do a lot of damage both for its technology and for its features and its groundbreaking price.

Continuing with its most recent launches, the BYD Sea Lion 07 sits on the company’s next-generation e-platform 3.0. And of course, it uses a Blade battery made up of LFP cells. It sports an SUV coupe body with a sporty and muscular design, and maintains the same design language of the Ocean line on which both the BYD Dolphin and the BYD Seal are based, as well as the soon-to-arrive BYD Seal U to Europe. But, of course, the most interesting of all is that it has just been announced in China and is expected for a price of 26,000 euros in its simplest versions of the range and reach up to approximately 33,500 euros with direct currency exchange.

The new coupe SUV with which BYD wants to ‘eat’ the Tesla Model Y is called BYD Sea Lion 07 and has a ridiculous price

All of its features have not yet been revealed in detail, but what they have advanced in its official presentation is that the BYD Sea Lion 07 comes equipped with the DiSus-C system, which is an intelligent body control technology with sophisticated damping. last generation. Something that, by the way, had so far only been seen in BYD’s high-performance brand, YangWang, which at the moment does not market its products in our country.

BYD Sea Lion 07

Within the same category, the Tesla Model Y should be its biggest rival. The model from Elon Musk’s company is available in three different configurations: the simplest with rear-wheel drive that approves 455 km of maximum range, the Great range with up to 565 km, and the Performance version with 514 km approved. So it is exactly these figures that the BYD Sea Lion 07 should aim for, although with an LFP battery, compared to the NCM battery used by the Tesla Model Y, the truth is that reaching such high range figures is somewhat complex.

In terms of power, the Tesla Model Y can be purchased with 299 HP in its access version, 367 HP in the long-range configuration, and a maximum of 462 HP in the Performance version. What can be expected from the BYD Sea Lion 07 is that its range starts from a little lower, because we already know that it is very common to see configurations with 204 HP of maximum power in BYD models, thanks to its 8-in-1 electrical system. Last generation.

BYD Sea Lion 07

With this same drive unit, BYD can configure models with about 400 HP of maximum power and offer four-wheel drive, so we should not be surprised by a version that meets this figure. Be that as it may, for now, they have limited themselves to showing its complete exterior design, as we see in these official photographs, and to revealing a body length that makes it a little larger than a Tesla Model Y. We will have to wait for them to reveal the official technical sheet and uncover the unknowns about its various versions.

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