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Just like Renault, Dacia will also focus on electromobility in the future. With the Dacia Bigster Concept, the manufacturer has given an outlook. The electric SUV could be the first of other models to hit the market by 2025.

Dacia-Lada was presented as an independent business unit and will develop several models together over the next few years. The start will be the Dacia Bigster, an SUV from the C-segment, which, however, is typically one category lower in price, as is typical for Dacia. Even if the models become more modern, customers should still be able to trust the Dacia promise of low prices.

There will be a total of three new models at Dacia by 2025. The Bigster will be the first to be created in collaboration with Lada. In the “Renaulution” strategy plan of the parent company Renault, Dacia will also concentrate in part on electromobility. Until then, Dacia currently has the following models in its range:

Dacia Bigster Prices

Nothing can be said about prices yet. But what is clear: the Dacia Bigster will be an affordable model again because that’s what Dacia stands for. An exact date for the start of sales has not yet been set, but the Bigster will probably be the first model to be launched on the market by 2025.

Dacia Bigster


The study vehicle is based on a modular platform that allows different types of drive. It is a very flexible CMF-B platform from the cooperation between Dacia and Lada. This is not only intended to reduce the vehicle platforms to just one but also to restrict the body types. It is not yet clear which drives the Bigster will get. A purely electric version is very likely.

Exterior design

The Dacia Bigster is to be a robust, characterful SUV that is manufactured according to environmentally friendly criteria. The outer protectors are made from recycled plastic and Dacia has decided against aluminum imitations for the chrome trim. The off-road idea is obviously in the foreground with the Bigster. As a planned electric SUV, you can drive out into nature without any worries in a locally emission-free and partially environmentally-friendly car.

Dacia Bigster Concept

With a length of 4.60 meters and five seats, the Bigster is big enough for family trips and also offers enough space inside for transport. The Bigster should stand for affordability, coolness, modernity, and a down-to-earth attitude, just as Dacia sees itself as a brand.

The Bigster is currently very angular and linear in appearance. There are no gimmicks, but that doesn’t detract from the modern look. We are curious to see whether the very strikingly designed radiator grille, in particular, can save itself in the production model.

Dacia Bigster Interior

It is not yet clear how the interior will be designed. After Dacia will continue to focus heavily on price in the future, the interior will be rather spartan like the current models. The latest assistance and safety systems will probably only be available to a limited extent and a lot of hard plastic is certainly inevitable.

You could have a lot of space in the trunk because after all, the Bigster is supposed to be a car for family adventures.

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