Elon Musk says production of Cybertruck will begin in mid-2023

Without a doubt, the Cybertruck is one of the strangest and most striking projects launched by Tesla to date. A truck with a design that breaks with everything established and that has seen how different problems have delayed its launch time and time again. But now Elon Musk has given a deadline, and it is also more specific than those provided so far.

And it is that the head of Tesla until now had limited himself to indicating that the Cybertruck would arrive “sometime in 2023.” Now, Musk has said that its production will start in mid-2023, which is the most concrete timeframe given so far.

As we recall, Tesla originally introduced the Cybertruck in 2019, all to start production in late 2021. But in August 2021 the company announced a delay until 2022, and then again until “hopefully” next year, referring to 2023.

But in the meantime, its competitors, such as the Ford F150 and Rivian, have managed to overcome their challenges and launch their respective proposals in the pickup segment. Even Ford itself has indicated that it is also already working on reinforcing the production line due to strong demand.

For its part, Tesla was struggling to turn the Cybertruck’s outlandish design into a real product that could comply with regulations and could be manufactured. Challenges that are less important for a new product.

Tesla Cybertruck

For example, in late 2021 Elon Musk himself tweeted that he was worried about the front windshield wipers. And is that the design of the front window does not seem like an easy challenge for a solution that first design involves installing a huge arm that cleans the entire surface.

Some challenges that must be solved as soon as possible since we do not forget that the Cybertruck accumulates more than 1.3 million reservations. Something that involves significant pressure from a community that has shown bomb-proof patience, but that can be a double-edged sword if the arrival continues to delay.

At the same time, these delays have allowed Tesla to make some updates to the vehicle, which will have new functions such as the “tank turn”  (it will be able to rotate on itself by turning the wheels on each side in the opposite direction) or a steering system for the rear wheels.

In the absence of official confirmation, the Cybertruck is expected to be the first Tesla product to have an 800-volt electrical system,  which should allow it to charge much faster than the rest of the brand’s proposals. The autonomy of its most capable version will exceed 800 km under the EPA cycle.

Arguments that we will see if they manage to compensate for a wait that at the moment reaches two years, and we will see if it continues to rise.

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