Ferrari 812 GTO: First Details & New Photos

We like it more or less, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is called to be the swan song of the pure atmospheric V12 engine. Electrification is inevitable, which is why the development of an even more extreme 812 is generating much excitement. The Ferrari 812 GTO, as it could be called commercially, not only aims to become the end of the most purist Maranello recipe but also to become the most special and exclusive modern Ferrari ever made since any successor will not be able to repeat its recipe.

During our visit to the Ferrari factory to bring you our video analysis of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, if there is something that the brand swore and perjured us, it was the defense until the last moment of the atmospheric V12s. On the part of Ferrari, they promised us that they would do everything possible to be the last to abandon this architecture, because as much for history, as for romanticism and power, if there is a manufacturer whose legend is linked to 12 cylinders, that is Ferrari.

But as the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale has shown, not even Ferrari can escape a future that is only understood electrically. For this reason, the commitment to atmospheric V12s is seen for sentence, although before that point and end we will know the best formula that the engineers of Maranello have created. Already in the process of development, carrying out road tests, the sportier version of the 812 Superfast is getting ready to discover what could be that end of the party this 2021.

At the moment Ferrari has not confirmed the name that this version will receive, a car called to succeed illustrious brands such as the Ferrari 599 GTO or the F12 TDF. But given the specialness of its recipe and symbolism, Ferrari could once again resort to the name “Gran Turismo Omologato” to bring the Ferrari 812 GTO to life. This version would improve the 812 Superfast in everything, extracting more power from the 6.5 V12 atmospherical (it is speculated with 840 CV), new setup in gearbox and suspensions, differentiated design in favor of more protagonist aerodynamics, and in short, a better performance that would result in a front-center V12 engine Berlinetta capable of shining even more on the track.

The Ferrari 812 GTO? will be presented this 2021

But there would still be more and if that under the idea of ​​making the Ferrari 812 GTO even more special, this version would also have a convertible variant leaning on the 812 GTS body. This body would be produced in limited series, becoming from the outset one of the most special specifications that modern Ferrari has ever made.

We must remember that in the case of the sportier V12 Berlinetta, Ferrari has very rarely made convertible versions, so to do so, in this case, would make this version of the 812 the holy grail of many collectors.

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