Ford Mondeo 2022: Debuts With New Face

After announcing less than a week ago that the Ford Mondeo was no longer being marketed in Europe in March, we already know its generational replacement. The new 2022 Ford Mondeo has just been unveiled at Ford’s China Design Center in Shanghai. And, although it could be a product that is sold on this side of the planet, at the moment there is no news about the possibility of it going outside the Chinese market.

At the beginning of last year, we talked about the Ford Evos as the heir to the Ford Mondeo. However, the signature of the blue oval has decided that the sedan still had a rope for a while and they have launched the fifth generation of the model. It has been done in China, where it has been designed and will be produced by Changan Ford before reaching the first customers this year.

The saloon that will only be sold in China

Designed around Ford’s ‘Progressive Energy in Strength’ language, which we can also see in the aforementioned Evos, the new 2022 Mondeo features quite an aggressive styling upfront. The vehicle takes the form of a traditional hatchback sedan, even though the roofline slopes slightly at the rear.

A line of LEDs from corner to corner makes up the front light cluster, built into the top of a fairly large octagonal grille. Secondary headlights are located immediately below the LED strip, and a wide lower grille runs the length of the bumper. The bonnet has four marked ribs and a slight slope towards the front.

Ford Mondeo 2022

From the side, you can see the roof finished in black, as well as the mirrors, as well as the muscular lines on the wings and rear steps. We can also see flush door handles and molding on the lower section of both doors. And at the rear, pilots inspired by those of the Ford Mustang Mach-E make up a single piece located under a small spoiler. In the bumper, we can see a trim that emulates exhaust outlets located on a diffuser.

Ford Mondeo 2022

Ford Mondeo 2022 Engine and interior

Ford has not offered information about the mechanical section. However, the ‘245’ badge on the rear suggests that there is a 2.0 EcoBoost petrol engine located at the front axle. This supercharged in-line four-cylinder block should develop 245 horsepower and would be associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Lastly, the new 2022 Ford Mondeo is based on the company’s C2 platform.

There are also no details about its interior design, equipment, or security technology. Nor can we say that the new fifth-generation Mondeo is only going to be marketed in China. At the moment, Ford has not communicated its plans to take it to other markets, but given the decline of the sedan segment in Europe and the United States, and that the fourth-generation Mondeo officially stops being sold in March of this year, it does not seem very likely that we will see a new Mondeo in the Old Continent.

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