Hertz’s order to Tesla for Uber will have to rise to 150,000

Earlier this week we heard the news that rental car operator Hertz had ordered 100,000 units of the Model 3 from Tesla. A true media earthquake in an agreement that seems to have fallen short before even starting to apply. And is that today it has been confirmed that of these units, at least 50,000 will go to Uber, which will make it necessary to expand the order.

Uber announced a few hours ago that Hertz will supply half of the fleet acquired from Tesla until 2023 to Uber drivers who want to rent the cars. An agreement that the vehicle rental platform with the driver has indicated is a step towards its goal of zero emissions and that it will allow them to offer their drivers a way to increase profits by saving on gasoline costs.

Starting next Monday, Uber drivers in select cities in the United States will be able to get a Model 3 through the Hertz rental program.

These will cost drivers starting at $ 334 per week, with rates dropping to $ 299 or less on longer contracts. A cost where recharges will be included, which until the end of January 2022 will be free and unlimited.

This means that half of the fleet that Hertz will buy from Tesla already has a destination. Something that from different sources indicate that it is an excellent sign since it denotes the enormous market that exists for the electric car beyond private sales, with sectors such as the taxi as an almost virgin space where tens of thousands of sales are assured.

An example that more than likely will have been seen by many other operators who will be preparing to expand their offer of electric cars, which will mean more and larger contracts insight for manufacturers that have opted for the electric car.

Now the question is not whether or not there will be new contracts, but to know who will be the next to sign a juicy agreement with one of the other car rental platforms.

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