Kia EV9: First images & All Details

Kia has released a render of the EV9 study vehicle. It will be an SUV and the concept vehicle will be officially launched soon. We have all the information and pictures of the rendering for you.

Renders of the new concept for the upcoming Kia EV9 were presented on November 11, the study vehicle will also celebrate its premiere in mid-November. Here you can find out everything you need to know about this new electric SUV.

  • Kia EV9 Render released
  • New large electric SUV
  • The concept premieres on November 17th
  • Electric alternative to Sorento
  • Could take electrical components from the EV6
  • 7-seater version probably
  • Series version could be presented at the end of 2022

The premiere of the Kia EV9 concept is imminent: The South Korean car manufacturer has confirmed that it will present a new concept vehicle on November 17th. Now there is an outlook in the form of renderings.

This large electric SUV could serve as the company’s flagship with seven seats alongside the Kia Sorento, or even replace it.


Kia EV9

With the renderings, Kia has released the first official images of the EV9 concept. You can see a very modern design that gives the EV9 a powerful and robust character. The SUV makes a great impression, which suggests a lot of space inside.

At first glance, the bonnet and front are reminiscent of models from the manufacturer Land Rover, which gives a strong off-road impression and suggests the EV9 as a car for all life situations.

The shape is box-shaped and upright and also helps to offer maximum space in the interior. Because the images are highly stylized, fewer details can be seen. For this, we have to wait until the official presentation of the study.

Kia EV9 Interior

The interior of the EV concept is very futuristic and – as usual with a study vehicle – anything but close to series production. The cabin is very conceptual and the interior is light and flexible. It should be able to be adapted to the respective driving situation.

Most noticeable is certainly the interactive broadband display, which extends from the driver’s side almost over to the front passenger. The steering wheel doesn’t look like it’s used to either, but more like an airplane steering wheel – as you’ve already seen at Tesla.

Battery and motors

Kia EV9

It is not yet known what might power the Kia EV9, but here it could learn a lot from the existing EV6.

In this case, a 77.4 kWh battery could be used, which should enable a range of almost 480 kilometers. The battery will likely power a two-engine four-wheel drive, but don’t expect the same insane 585 horsepower found on the Kia EV6 GT. 325 PS (as in the middle-class models of the EV6) should be enough.

Kia EV9 Price

Renderings of the EV9 concept vehicle were released on November 11th. The study’s official premiere has been confirmed for November 17th at the LA Motorshow.

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