MG will launch 10 new models in the next 2 years

After sixteen years of absence, the British brand MG returned to the Spanish market in 2021 with a very clear objective: to become the spearhead of the Chinese group SAIC in our country, where another of its firms, Maxus, also operates. As in the rest of Europe, the overwhelming success of its low-cost range has been almost immediate.

Last June, the company registered a total of 3,663 cars in Spain; that is, it was done with the participation of 3.62% (a figure that rises to 5.52% in the individual channel). Currently, its offer is made up of five models: MG4 (electric), MG5 (electric), ZS (thermal and electric), HS (thermal and plug-in hybrid), and Marvel R (electric).

However, this is only the beginning, as the manufacturer is preparing a complete product offensive for the coming years that will allow it to establish its position in the European market. The goal pursued by its leaders is to cover as many categories as possible, from urban cars like the Comet to sports cars like the Cyberster.

Pedro García, Vice President of MG Spain, confirmed these plans during a recent interview. “MG is going to present up to 10 models of different technologies during the next 24 months, a strategy that will allow us to continue growing and gaining access to new customers, while we retain them through after-sales service.”

MG Electric Car

MG will remain an affordable brand despite the arrival of models like the Cyberster

Although MG will remain a multi-energy brand for a while, by 2027 it will abandon internal combustion engines in the old continent. But this will not mean forgetting its affordable approach, which has made it the only company capable of standing up to the all-powerful Dacia.

« MG’s maxim is ‘Electric for everyone’, and it is the philosophy that we have carried out since our arrival on the market. From day one we have wanted electrification not only to be for those who can afford it, but for everyone.

As we have mentioned, the MG4 in its standard finish with 350 kilometers of range can cost around 20,000 euros, and this is possible thanks to the fact that MG is the only brand on the market that advances the MOVES III Plan on the invoice and to the promotions that We offer with financing. Thus, we achieve that the MG4 has reached the prices of traditional fuel options. To this, we add the seven-year guarantee for all our models and the all-risk insurance included in the first year.

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