NIO CEO says Tesla makes bad cars, now seen checking out new Model 3

The 2023 Munich Motor Show has left a viral image on social networks, and it is that of the CEO of a car brand trying to go unnoticed while, in the crowd, ‘gossiping’ about the details of the new Tesla Model 3. Something that, in reality, many brands do in ‘petit committee’ to analyze the improvements of the competition. However, this CEO has done it in public, perhaps believing that no one would notice. But the funniest thing of all is that just a few months ago he assured that “Tesla makes bad, old cars and a worse option than those of Geely or BYD. “

As we are advancing, it is normal for car brands and their managers, or their engineers, to review their competitors’ cars to see how their models and technology are advancing, and to what extent they have to apply changes to their current models and upcoming releases. Not too long ago we learned that Toyota had been amazed when analyzing the previous Tesla Model 3, and saw how they had simplified its construction to be more efficient and save on production costs. In this case, it is the opposite because this same year the CEO of NIO publicly pointed out that Tesla makes ‘bad, old and worse cars than the competition’.

NIO CEO caught analyzing Tesla Model 3 in detail at 2023 Munich Motor Show

In this Munich Motor Show 2023 it has been the first time that the Tesla Model 3 2024 has been publicly exhibited and has been seen in great detail. Everyone who was there has come to know the details of Tesla’s new electric model. But the one who was not expected to analyze it carefully is the CEO of NIO, much less when just a few months ago he launched such critical statements against Tesla.

NIO CEO checking out Tesla Model 3 Highland

In the captured images you can see that the CEO of NIO has reviewed the car in detail to see for himself what changes have been made. And after seeing the changes to the new 2024 Tesla Model 3, the next thing he did was make a phone call. Who knows who, but it would not be surprising if he went to someone from the NIO company, to inform him of the most important news that he could see at the international motorsport event. Something that, on the other hand, is the smartest thing a car brand can do, which is to analyze the competition and respond quickly to its most powerful changes.

As much as this manager harshly criticized Tesla a few months ago, no one is unaware that with this great restyling of the Tesla Model 3, the company headed by Elon Musk has directly destroyed most of its competitors. It is a huge improvement at all levels for an electric sedan that, as was the case a few years ago, has once again stood out as the best option in its category. So, of course, what the CEO of NIO has done is the smartest thing to do, and it is to review how he has improved his competition so that his car brand can act accordingly.


At the 2023 Munich Motor Show, it has been possible to see that the novelties of the Tesla Model 3 are, in reality, much more than they seemed. It is not only about an update of the design or an improvement in the range, but also that there has been a significant leap in the quality of construction and, in addition, the equipment available to the electric saloon has been significantly improved. from the American company. Of course, after the harsh statements by the CEO of NIO against Tesla, this image has been, to say the least, striking.

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