Renault Kadjar 2022: New details & New Rendering

The development of the second generation of the Renault Kadjar faces the final stretch. Renault’s compact SUV will undergo a comprehensive renovation with a clear objective, to be able to cope with the Peugeot 3008 and the Nissan Qashqai, two of the benchmarks in the category. Discover the keys to the new Kadjar while we glimpse what its design will be like through recreations.

Renault is involved in numerous projects. Among them, there is neither more nor less than the generational change of its compact SUV. The second generation of the Renault Kadjar will be a reality soon. The development process is well advanced and is already facing the final stretch. The French brand is aware of the importance of the C-SUV segment and that is why it has decided to raise the stakes with its model to be in a position to attack the benchmarks of the category.

Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to get closer to the development of the new Kadjar on several occasions thanks to the distinctive sightings of prototypes that have occurred. Now, that the project is entering the final stages, it is the ideal time to gather all the information and review the main keys of the new generation that is already on the horizon.

A comprehensive renovation for the Renault Kadjar

The Kadjar is going to undergo a complete renovation. Exterior design, cabin, engines, technological equipment, etc … Based on the latest spy photos taken by our photographers and the various reports available, the recreations that illustrate this article have been created and allow us to discover what the new Kadjar will be like.

Compared to the model that we can still find in our dealerships, the different ones are remarkable. The Kadjar 2 will adopt Renault’s new design language. A design philosophy that leaves soft shapes behind to resort to the opposite. Straight lines, angular finishes, and, in short, very marked features to show off your personality.

Renault is determined to attack directly the Peugeot 3008 and the Nissan Qashqai, two of the great references that dispute the leadership of the compact SUV segment. It is known internally with the code “HHN “. It will present a front in which the grill will be the protagonist. A grill that will connect directly with the light groups in the shape of the letter C. The bumper will show off large air intakes.

At the rear, the new taillights will have a horizontal and elongated arrangement to enhance the feeling of width. The elevated beltline, coupled with the drop in the roof and the shapes of the wheel arches, are equally crucial features for a most interesting ensemble. The new Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, Renault’s long-awaited electric car, has had a great influence on the design process.

New Renault Kadjar Interior

The exterior aside, if we had the opportunity to go inside the new Kadjar we would quickly find ourselves engulfed in a technological environment. It will make a great leap in terms of connectivity and automation, benefiting from the latest advances made by the Renault Group in these areas. It will integrate the new infotainment system that will allow the use of all kinds of digital services. Both the digital instrument cluster and the multimedia system display will come together to create a single key piece for the driver to feel surrounded by a digital environment.

An unapologetic bet on electrification

Regarding the mechanical section of the new Kadjar, as we have already pointed out in previous publications, there will be an unapologetic bet on electrification. The current model is only available with conventional gasoline engines. This will change drastically. One of the great novelties will be the appearance of Renault’s new 1.2-liter TCe engine. A block that will be released in the new generation of the Kadjar.

Renault Kadjar 2022

This new engine will be key for future Renault hybrids. There will be no diesel engines. Everything will revolve around gasoline. However, we will have at our disposal 48-volt light hybrid engines (MHEV) as well as hybrid variants. E-Tech technology will take center stage and the newly developed 1.2 TCe engine will be crucial. A 1.3-liter TCe 12-volt light hybrid engine will also be offered.

The front-wheel-drive will be the main protagonist but there will also be room for the 4×4 models. Similarly, it will be possible to choose between a manual gearbox and an automatic transmission.

The new Renault Kadjar will give life to a family of models

Renault’s plans for the new Kadjar go far beyond a simple generational change. The goal is to create a true ‘Kadjar family’. There will be an elongated model, a kind of Grand Kadjar, which will rival the Peugeot 5008, as well as an SUV Coupé variant to capture the attention of the public seeking a more sporty and dynamic image.

There are still a few months left to experience the debut of the new Kadjar. Moreover, to see the first units in our dealerships we will have to wait until the next year 2022. We will closely follow all the news about this very important project. And is that the C-SUV segment brings together a good part of car sales in Europe.

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