Seat Ibiza 2021: Facelift With New Features

For more than three decades, millions of drivers have owned a  Seat Ibiza.  Perhaps the old Seat Ibiza was their first car, with which they made their first trip; perhaps it is still the car that the family maintains today. 

After four generations and more than five million units sold, the new Seat Ibiza comes loaded with the latest technological features, greater driving dynamics, and a more than remarkable improvement in interior space and comfort on board. The new generation of the Ibiza takes a great leap forward, leading to a turning point in the compact vehicle segment. 

This is one more step in the biggest product offensive that Seat is carrying out. This offensive came first with the launch of the brand’s first SUV, the Ateca, followed by the update of the Seat León. Now it is Ibiza’s turn, completing the reinforcement of the three fundamental pillars for the brand.

It will be followed by models that are yet to come, such as the Seat Arona compact crossover, and a new SUV that will be positioned in a segment above the Ateca and will arrive in dealerships in 2018. With the launch of the Ibiza, very special years are coming for Seat in commercial terms.

Seat Ibiza 2021
Seat Ibiza 2021

Launched in 1984  for the first time, the Seat Ibiza has become a motoring icon.  This vehicle is a benchmark in the history of the brand and is its best-selling model. Therefore, the new generation results in a completely new model, while maintaining that young, functional, and comfortable spirit so characteristic of previous versions. 

Seat Ibiza 2021 Exterior

To achieve this, its design reflects the unmistakable DNA of the latest Seat models. The design language is accentuated with a more sculpted and streamlined look. At the front of the car stands out the whole grille and the triangular appearance of the optics in technique. The Seat logo is proudly displayed on the grille and is also protected by the lines drawn on the hood, with a chrome wrap. 

The ‘X’ shape design provides added dynamism and visual presence.  The latest technology from the Volkswagen Group comes from the hand of the modular platform ‘MQB ‘, which allows greater flexibility in terms of manufacturing. 

Seat Ibiza 2021
Seat Ibiza 2021

In this way, the new Ibiza has very short overhangs, with the four wheels located at the four corners of the car, and an increase in the wheelbase, making the car now more stable, dynamic, and sporty.

The new Ibiza platform brings a notable increase in interior space. Compared to the previous model, it is much more spacious.  The result is a much more comfortable car. In this sense, it improves the habitability of the cabin, with an increase in width for the front seats, legroom in the rear seats, and more headroom in the rear. In this way, the new Seat Ibiza is one of the best vehicles in its segment. 

Seat Ibiza 2021 Interior

It is important to highlight the harmony between the colors and materials that abound in the interior, whose perceived quality is increased thanks to its more pleasant touch and style. Structurally, special emphasis has been placed on horizontal proportions for mounting its different functional areas, including the raised center console that improves ergonomics.

All controls and instruments are oriented towards the driver as a clear sign of the Seat’s DNA. These elements are positioned around the driver in the highest possible position to avoid the driver having to take his eyes off the road. 

Seat Ibiza 2021
Seat Ibiza 2021

The driving assistance systems available in the new Ibiza include elements that, although they are already present in the Leon and the Ateca, are quite unusual in this segment.  It can equip security systems such as ‘Front Assist’, adaptive cruise control (‘ACC’), keyless entry and start system, new front and rear parking sensors, and a higher quality rearview camera.

Other systems are also available, such as the driver fatigue detector, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, cruise control with ‘Stop & Go’ function (in combination with the automatic double-clutch transmission DSG), ‘ Traffic Jam Assist ‘, to allow a more relaxing experience in traffic jams or the’ Multi-Collision Brake ‘, an automatic brake that intervenes after the collision and reduces the consequences of multiple impacts.

Ibiza 2021 Engine

The entire range of engines available in the new Seat Ibiza complies with the stringent Euro 6 emission regulations. They also bring a combination of performance, with low fuel consumption and emissions. 

There are different options regarding gasoline engines, all of them with a block made of aluminum: the first option goes through the three-cylinder 1.0 ‘MPI’ with 75CV. The next step comes from the hand of the 1.0 ‘TSI’ engines with turbocharger, intercooler, and direct injection, available with 95 or 115CV. Also, a new 1.5 ‘TSI’ four-cylinder engine will be available at the end of 2017, with a maximum power of 150CV.

The diesel section stars the block 1.6 ‘TDI’, with efficient powers between 80 and 115CV. This powertrain is not a bad choice for this car, and while it will never be good enough for gas enthusiasts and environmentalists, it is one of the most economical long-term options for this car. 

Finally, the new ‘MQB A0’ platform allows the new Ibiza to offer a variant powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), a propellant that allows a maximum power of 90CV.

The available gearboxes go through a five-speed manual transmission for engines below 95CV ​​and a six-speed transmission for the more powerful engines. The efficient seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission is another option available on the new Seat Ibiza. 

The new Seat Ibiza is offered with four equipment lines in its technical sheet, starting with the basic model ‘Reference’. This is followed by the ‘Style’ finish, with more standard equipment. The top of the range is made up of the ‘Xcellence and’ FR ‘versions, the sportiest of the entire range. In this new generation, there will be no Seat Ibiza Cupra.

Seat Ibiza 2021 Price

For those who have not yet been convinced that the new Ibiza is a real safe value, its price will surely convince them. In its most basic finish, this little one costs just 15,000 euros without applying any type of discount.

As more powerful engines and more extensive equipment are added, the price rises, but the highest versions of the range slightly exceed 20,000 euros, an excellent price taking into account the benefits of this car.

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