Tesla factory in China achieves a production record in August

Despite the problems caused by the closures due to the Covid suffered in China, the Tesla factory in Shanghai has managed to recover the rhythm and set a new production record last August. A sign that supply difficulties are not affecting all brands equally and that allows Tesla’s facility in the Asian giant to reach an annual production rate of one million units.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Giga Shanghai managed to produce a total of 76,605 vehicles last August. A figure that has been distributed between the 19,884 units of the Model 3 and the 56,721 units of the Model Y.

This means that compared to August 2021, the Tesla factory in China has seen its production capacity increase by 78%. A very important figure if we take into account the difficulties with the supply of components and the closures due to Covid this summer.

With this rate, Tesla stands at a daily production of 2,500 units in Giga Shanghai and an estimated annual production of 932,000 units.

But most interesting of all, these numbers have been achieved even though the factory has been closed for part of the month during an update process that ended on August 8, and that has mainly affected the Model 3 line. such a notable difference in figures compared to Model Y. Therefore, of the four weeks, the installation has been in operation for only three.

This means that despite the Covid closures and stops to upgrade lines, Tesla China has produced 115,324 vehicles so far in the third quarter.

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And with still a month to go to complete a record quarter. In September where some analysts predict another record figure, where Tesla could touch 100,000 units. Almost the same number that he was achieving in three months together.

Figures that will have an impact on the European market, where part of the production of Giga Shanghai arrives, and as an example the 76,965 units sold in August by Tesla China, of which 42,463 have been sent to Europe. 55% of the total.

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