Tesla Model Y alternative received 15,000 orders in record time

XPeng is one of several Chinese brands that, like MG and BYD, or Chery, are going to bet heavily on the European market. In its range, it has an alternative to the Tesla Model Y, which is called XPeng G9, and in reality, it is not a new model. It was originally released in September 2022 but was not very successful. And now that it is better and cheaper, with an update they have made on the model, it is sweeping the market in its first days with a cumulative order of more than 15,000 since it was available.

As we mentioned, the XPeng G9 arrived in September 2022 and did not have much of an impact. But the Chinese brand has reacted quickly, and in just one year they have launched a restyling in which they have corrected everything that they did not like too much. And they have been right, of course, because in just two weeks this rival to the Tesla Model Y has already obtained more than 15,000 firm orders. Of course, the fact that it is now cheaper, and at the same time has improved significantly, are factors that have led to this explosion in sales.

Is it better and cheaper than the Tesla Model Y?

Initially, the XPeng G9 hit the market from 40,600 euros, more or less, at a direct currency exchange. Now, with this update, it starts at 34,600 euros. The strong reduction of 6,000 euros that they have made on it, and its new configurations, are the factors that have led the model to sweep sales from the first hour of its launch. The range is made up of versions from 570 to 702 km of range on the WLTP homologation cycle, and with up to 544 HP of maximum power.

Xpeng G9

The cheapest versions of the XPeng G9 are based on a battery with 78.4 kWh of energy storage capacity. This battery powers a single 308 HP electric motor that develops 430 Nm of maximum torque, with a range of 570 kilometers. Above there are two other versions with a 98 kWh battery, which reach up to the 702 km of range that we mentioned previously, and maintain the same 308 HP engine. Come on, these are what we could consider the ‘great range’ versions.

And at the top of the range, both in terms of performance and equipment, there is the latest version that equips the battery with 98 kWh of energy storage capacity, and that already has a drive system of two electric motors. This means that it has four-wheel drive and, in addition, a power of 544 HP. This version, on the other hand, develops no less than 717 Nm of maximum torque. And with these features, indeed, the XPeng G9 is presented as a strong alternative to the Tesla Model Y which, of course, stands out for how its interior is configured and the extensive technological deployment of its equipment.

Xpeng G9

Thanks to its electrical system with 800 V architecture, among other things, it has a fast charging system with 315 kW maximum direct current power. This is one of its most notable features, and it is what allows it to charge from 10% to 80% of its battery in just 20 minutes plugged into the electrical network. In some aspects it is quite above the Tesla Model Y. And, by the way, it uses the platform that some Volkswagen electric cars will soon use, after just a few months ago they reached an interesting agreement to jointly develop new electric car models. What we still don’t know is if it will arrive in Spain, but we do know that the brand has plans to arrive in our market.

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