Tesla opens first V4 supercharger station for all brands

Tesla’s new generation of superchargers is already underway. Europe was the first region in the world to have them. The official opening of the first station that had them in the Netherlands took place a couple of weeks ago but, until now, they had only been available for the brand’s models. Now, after the first initial tests, Tesla opens these 15 installed points to other brands of electric cars, thus freeing up one of the most powerful charging points on the Old Continent.

It has been almost a year since the American company began to release the exclusivity of its charging points. European drivers have been the first in the world to be able to enjoy the quality of Tesla Superchargers without the need to own one. In other regions, such as the United States, the same procedure has been carried out, although in this case, those from Austin have had to fight with the Biden administration to be able to take advantage of the important exemption and bonus program for electric vehicle companies.

The Harderwijk station, in the Netherlands, has 15 V4 points and is a pioneer in the world in launching new Superchargers. In addition to offering a clean and convenient installation, the new generation charging stations correct several important problems. One of them is the length of the connection hose. The V2 and V3 points have a charging cable designed for Tesla models, which have this socket on the rear wing. However, since the location is not standardized, it is a problem for many users outside the company and this situation has been a source of problems. 

Despite the good news, V4 Superchargers stand out, above all, for their high charging power. Early adopters have reported excellent recovery rates. The specifications of the points indicate a nominal voltage of 1,000 V working at a nominal current of 615 amps. These figures announce a power of up to 615 kW, more than double what the V3 points are capable of offering, which are limited to 250 kW. This means that waiting times will be drastically reduced as long as the car connected to these points supports these figures.

During these first weeks, the Harderwijk points have been in the testing phase, so only Tesla models could access the facilities. However, the company has already confirmed the opening to electric vehicles from other manufacturers.

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