Tesla showed off $20,000 humanoid robot

From human-machine interaction to the machine that behaves like a man. Up to a machine that even steals the appearance of a man. Tesla and Artificial Intelligence are two synonyms that express a single phenomenon: the path of the car world towards paradigms, until the day before yesterday, not even imaginable.

Humanoid robots, supercomputers, the evolution of (semi) autonomous driving: Tesla AI Day 2022 is the appointment that technology enthusiasts cannot afford to miss for anything in the world. Start at 17.00 time in Palo Alto, California, today Friday 30 September: it means having to connect to a smartphone, tablet or PC, in Italy, at 3.00Saturday 1st October. Click Play below at time X. You will have the whole weekend to make up for the sleepless night.

The contents of Elon Musk‘s presentation are partly unknown, partly known. The protagonist of the 2022 edition of the AI ​​Day will certainly be Optimus, the helpful robot who already appeared on the scene a year ago, and who over time should have learned to do a lot of things, as well as having developed an even more anthropomorphic aspect.

We will find out just by looking. On the menu, even the latest Full Self Driving themed discoveries, a function whose complete loading has been – for years – always a day later, but for which now the engineers of the Californian manufacturer seem to have found the classic squaring of the circle.

Finally, Musk will share with the community of ” nerds ” around the world the progress of Tesla Dojo, the next-generation supercomputer intended for the training of autonomous driving systems. Ready for a cyber feast?

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