GMC HUMMER EV has 90,000 Reservations

At the end of June, General Motors accumulated more than 70,000 reserves of the electric HUMMER, the electric beast that is still absurd even if its gasoline consumption is zero. At the rate of production at the time, it would take the factory 17 years to fulfill everyone who turns their reservation into an order. The “problem” is getting worse.

Rich Latek, head of marketing for the GMC brand, told Autoblog at the Detroit Motor Show (which is taking place these days) that interest in the HUMMER EV has not slackened and they already have more than 90,000 reservations. Not only that, 90% of those who made reservations are not regretting it and are making formal orders to the factory.

The sales mix is ​​well distributed between the PickUp version, the only one in production, and the SUV, which will not go into production until early 2023. The first anniversary of the series production of the GMC HUMMER EV is not far away, and at the moment the volumes are very low between the novelty of the model and problems in the supply chain.

The 90,000 reservations of the GMC HUMMER EV are not as surprising as those of the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, or Rivian R1T/R1S, although it must also be said that it is a very high-end model, the prices are very high, and in addition At General Motors, those who reserve are interested in the most expensive versions. It seems like a competition to see who spends the most.


All reservations for the EV Edition 1 were awarded in just 10 minutes, and that was a year before serial production began in December 2020. And whoever is willing to skip the queue can pay double, because it has already happened with the few that have reached the market, there are cases of resale with a great profit for the savvy person who made a reservation and dropped the dough or was able to access a good credit.

Production of the first “normal” model, but the most expensive after the EV Edition1: Hummer EV 3X, is supposed to start in the fall. These specifications were announced at the time: from $99,995, more than 483 km EPA, 811 CV of power, 12,880 Nm of maximum torque, and configuration of three motors. They will probably have to pay a little more because prices have risen quite a bit in almost two years.

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