Has Toyota declared a real revolution for its electric cars?

New information suggests that Toyota will launch up to 10 new electric models in the coming years. Is it the expected electric revolution that is being talked about so much? There have been many voices that have called for a change of course in Toyota to move from a range focused on hybridization to one that is neutral in carbon emissions thanks to the use of 100% electric mechanics. In recent months, the brand is facing an important change: the replacement of its previous CEO by Koji Sato, recently appointed, in a statement points to the arrival of the long-awaited change within the Japanese company.

Investors and environmental support groups have been highly critical of Toyota’s positioning for being a slower brand than its competition in terms of adopting electrical mechanics. Some voices even hint that they have been left behind. To this day, the Japanese firm is still the best-seller in the world, but it is a throne that little by little could lead to companies like Tesla if those responsible do not do something to prevent it.

Now, it seems that Koji Sato, the new CEO, could be the answer to all these concerns. The head of the company, although he remains anchored in the vision of a range mainly with hybrid engines, has also pointed out that “in the coming years we will expand our line in the important category of electric batteries”.

According to some reports, in the year 2030 vehicles equipped with 100% electric mechanics will represent half of the world’s sales. Meeting this demand will be vital for Toyota if it wants to continue to position itself as the leading manufacturer internationally. At the same time, Sato says he wants to “protect the beautiful Earth and enrich the lives of people around the world.”

For this reason, the brand has committed to achieving total neutrality in carbon emissions in 2050, although beforehand they will seek a reduction of 33% in 2030 and more than 50% by 2035, compared to 2019.

To achieve these objectives, Sato ensures that the electric car will play a fundamental role. Hiroki Nakajima, executive vice president of Toyota, has publicly explained that the brand’s new electric strategy includes a total of 10 new launches with battery mechanics by 2026. These vehicles will represent an important level of sales, exceeding 1.5 million registrations per year, which would represent around 10% or 15% of the total for the brand.

After stating that its new generation of electric models will be “totally different from the current ones” and will double their range figures, Toyota hints that it is working on a new platform specifically for electric cars.

Toyota Electric Car Line up

For Toyota, Tesla is positioned as a reference in terms of economic and manufacturing optimization, which is why it will emulate some of its decisions in this regard, such as manufacturing through autonomous processes and the use of robotics.

On the other hand, the Japanese firm, they do not focus its future solely on a range of battery electric vehicles, but its project covers mechanics of all kinds, such as electric ones through the use of hydrogen fuel cells or continuing with their variants. hybrids. A turning point will be its new plug-in hybrid models, which will seek to extend their 100% electric range to beyond 200 kilometers.

Although many automobile brands are already openly committed to 100% electric vehicles, Toyota has been prudent in this regard (and continues to be so), although its commitment to zero emissions is now much more effective in the coming years. years.

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