MG Marvel R Electric 2021: First details & Photos

The range of the British manufacturer MG, under the Chinese flag since its rebirth (SAIC group), is enriched with two new 100% electric models. The MG5 Electric compact station wagon and the Marvel R Electric SUV, which join the ZS EV SUV marketed last year, and the large plug-in hybrid SUV HES Plug-In Hybrid. After the MG5 Electric, let’s take a closer look at the Marvel R Electric.

The iconic MG brand, better known for its small sporty roadsters from the 1960s than for its recent electric vehicles, could be a game-changer in this highly competitive market. Active effectively since the presentation of its very first 100% electric ZS EV model last year, the firm, which went under the Chinese flag, is unveiling two new models simultaneously: the MG5 Electric compact station wagon and the Marvel R Electric SUV. Both are 100% electric and already have improved technical characteristics compared to the ZS EV, which has a range limited to only 263 km in the WLTP cycle. The Marvel R Electric is placed above the ZS EV in terms of dimensions and performance, with 4.67 m long against 4.31 m, for width and height of 1.92 m and 1.62 m respectively (1, 81 m, and 1.64 m for the ZS EV). Thanks to its wheelbase of 2.80 m allowing the installation of a large battery pack between the axles, the Marvel R Electric announces a range of more than 400 km (pending approval).

MG Marvel R Electric 2021

MG Marvel R Electric 2021 Mechanic

MG surprises us once again, with the arrival of the new all-electric Marvel R SUV in its range. Much less conventional than its little brother ZS EV, the manufacturer’s new mid-size SUV (size equivalent to a Peugeot 5008 or a Mercedes GLC) displays a distinct style with a fine and aggressive light signature at the front overlooking two massive triangular vents integrating additional lights on either side of the bumper. The stern is strangely reminiscent of an Audi e-Tron with its light strip running through the tailgate and ending with slightly wider optics at its ends. Its overall appearance thus presents a real attractiveness and could ensure real success on the market if it keeps its promises in terms of autonomy (> 400 km). It remains to discover an essential data of the equation to predict a good career for him: his price.

The MG Marvel R Electric is powered by a 100% electric technology called “tri-motor” which combines several blocks totaling a power of 212 kW (288 hp) and a torque of 665 Nm. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is thus guaranteed in just 4.9 seconds, while it takes only 1.8 seconds to cross the 50 km / h mark from a complete stop. Its maximum speed is limited to 200 km / h, but it is not a vehicle made for speed records anyway.

MG Marvel R Electric 2021

This allows it to comfortably carry five people and their (light) luggage on board with a boot with a volume of 357 liters (1,396 liters with the rear seat folded down). A two-wheel-drive version of the Marvel R Electric will also exist and will offer 150 liters of additional space in the front trunk (“frunk”).

MG Marvel R interior

Electricity, in a simple and efficient way

To make long trips easier to carry out, the MG Marvel R Electric can regenerate 80% of its battery in 30 minutes via fast charging. It also allows the connection of accessories that run on electricity thanks to V2L technology and sockets delivering 2,500 W. Driver assistance is provided by MG Pilot technology, while essential information is displayed on a 12-inch digital screen. , 3 inches behind the wheel. A huge 19.4-inch tablet in portrait orientation is located in the center of the dashboard, tilted, in the extension of the center console. The interior thus displays a simple, sober, efficient, and modern style with a very limited number of buttons.

The launch on the European market of the new MG Marvel R Electric is scheduled for May 2021. All final specifications will then be provided by the brand.

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