Polestar O2 electric roadster concept presented

Polestar is introducing a new study vehicle called Polestar O₂. The electric roadster shows what the brand could offer in the future. We have pictures and information for you.

Polestar has presented an electric roadster with the Polestar O₂ concept. The study vehicle could compete with an electric Porsche in the future. We have all the details.

  • Polestar O₂ study presented
  • Electric roadster with a folding roof
  • Series start still unclear
  • Recycled material in the interior
  • Large 115 kWh battery
  • Autonomous drone behind the back seat

With the O₂, Polestar gives a glimpse of the future of its models, but it is still completely unclear whether the Polestar O₂ will go into series production at all.

Exterior design

The Polestar O₂ concept looks crisp and good. Above all, you can see similarities to the Precept study vehicle, especially the front looks very much like the Precept. The platform has been taken from the Polestar 5 and is made of aluminum.

Polestar O₂

The Polestar O₂ is a study for an electric roadster with 2+2 seats and a hardtop. In the future, the competitor would probably be Porsche Cayman, which will also be electrified in the next few years.

The body promises a high degree of rigidity, which promises enormous driving pleasure – especially in curves. Agile steering feels and improved aerodynamics also have a positive effect on the driving experience.

Polestar O₂ Specifications and engines

The concept measures a not so short 4.7 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 2.7 meters. Compared to the current Cayman, that’s a good 30 centimeters long, which is what makes the 2+2 seating concept possible in the first place.

Polestar O₂

Polestar has not yet provided any performance data, only the information that a battery with a capacity of 115 kWh should be installed is currently known.

Polestar O₂ Interior

A new plastic with thermoplastic properties dominates the interior. It is used extensively as a so-called mono-material, in various elements. Recycled polyester has been used for all soft components – i.e. for adhesive, foam, and 3D knitted fibers.

Polestar O₂ interior

An autonomous video drone is integrated behind the rear seats. Developed in collaboration with Hoco Flow, it can record the entire ride. This works by creating a negative pressure area behind the rear seats to allow the drone to take off. The drone follows the vehicle completely autonomously up to a speed of 90 km/h and returns to the car when the work is done.

When you are stationary, you can edit the recorded video directly on the 15-inch display and share it on social media immediately.


It is not yet clear whether Polestar will build an electric roadster. If so, then it will have to wait a while. According to the manufacturer, it will first concentrate on the SUV models Polestar 4 and Polestar 5 that have already been announced.

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